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Welcome to Landlord Law!

Thank you for coming to our site and then for visiting this page to find out a bit more about us.

The Landlord Law Services site contains a number of services for landlords and others in the private rented sector.  The chief of these is the Landlord Law Membership service.

Landlord Law

Landlord Law started by solicitor Tessa Shepperson in 2001, a long time ago, when Tessa’s main business was her solicitors practice.

She started it as a way for landlords to find out their legal rights and obligations at reasonable cost, as  she could see that many landlords were ignorant of the legal rules but did not want to incur the expense of consulting a traditional solicitors firm.

This was before the internet was fully developed and there were few online information services  available.  Landlord Law was one of the first!

The site proved popular with landlords (and also letting agents, advisers, and even some solicitors) and the content grew to include more articles and FAQ, documents, videos, step by step guides and a forum – to name but some of the content.  The forum is pretty good value actually – few landlords (other than Landlord Law  members) have a specialist landlord and tenant solicitor available (usually at short notice) to answer their questions!

As the site grew in popularity it outgrew the original website which was replaced in 2010.  Then that site too was replaced – by this site in December 2018.  During all that time Tessa has been  accumulating content so the site now has a huge selection.  As one of our members remarked:

“You have an absolute Aladdin’s Cave of a website with everything a Landlord needs” Roger Child, landlord

All the content is regularly updated as and when there are changes in the law.  However, the Landlord Law service is not the only service on offer here.

Pay extra advice

At the moment this just consists of our telephone advice service with various solicitors firms which you can read about  here. There is also an advice service with Julie Ford who specialises in finding grant aid to help tenants pay outstanding rent.

We also have a number of ‘recommended solicitors’ for eviction work which members can instruct easily via our online forms for fixed fees.

Other services will be developed in due course so watch this space!


As well as providing information, we also think it is important to provide  training to help our members and customers stay on top of the ever changing legal landscape.  Our training services include:

  • Monthly webinars for our Landlord Law members, and
  • Occasional free webinars
  • Our Landlord Law Legal Cases webinars – webinars on specific cases with one of the barristers in the case
  • Occasional  one day workshops with experts (normally solicitors or barristers) giving in depth training on specific issues – now available to attend via live stream as well as in person.
  • Online training courses –  which often include video footage from our face to face training, and
  • An annual Conference.

Most of these training services are paid, although the Landlord Law monthly webinars are included with your Landlord Law membership.

The future

New services are planned – so watch this space!

The Landlord Law Team

The managing director of the company is solicitor Tessa Shepperson.  She is assisted by Tina Kirkpatrick who provides admin support and Tessa’s assistant Mark Savill.

Patrick Gee (Tessa’s son) does most of the filming and provides other assistance mostly in the media production.

Graeme Gee (Tessa’s husband) is a director of the company and provides support, particularly at the training events.

The Legal Bit and our service

Landlord Law is now owned by Landlord Law Services Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales. You can see the registered office address below in the footer along with our telephone number and VAT number.

Although Tessa is a solicitor and is herself regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Landlord Law Services the company, is not a regulated solicitors firm.

However we do have professional indemnity insurance and if any Landlord Law members or other customers have any complaints, we are members of the Property Redress Scheme which runs mediation and adjudication services for members’ customers.

As a business, we do not take on individual casework other than some ‘one to one’ advice and guidance in the Landlord Law members forum and the occasional telephone call with Tessa.

One to one advice is available via our telephone advice service which is provided by a number of solicitors firms – all of whom have solicitors who specialise in landlord and tenant law.

Note – any Crown copyright material on this site is reproduced with the permission of the Controller of HMSO and the Queen’s Printer for Scotland.

Our service, equality and discrimination

One of the benefits of the Landlord Law site is that it makes it easy for people who are disadvantaged to find out their legal rights and obligations – most people have a computer and internet service and if not, there is always the public library!

Landlord Law welcomes members and clients from all backgrounds and there is no discrimination. Many of our members are from ethnic minorities, who appreciate the ease of using our service.

At present we have no plans to hire staff but were we to do so, we would not knowingly discriminate on the grounds of sex, race or any other basis (save suitability for the job we are recruiting for).