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Black Friday Offers 2019

Get these special online training discounts before Midnight on 29 November 2019 and save up to 50% off the full price


Why you need our training services now:

  • The authorities are getting more pro-active in enforcing the rules
  • Penalties for non compliance include fines, prosecutions and rent repayment orders (all of which can be VERY expensive). Penalites include penalty charge notices, Magistrates prosecutions (with unlimited fines) and Rent Repayment Orders (up to 12 months rent)
  • The ONLY safe course is to be compliant – always
  • All our training is by industry experts
  • The courses are great for staff training and for induction for new staff members
  • Our mobile friendly training site means you can watch the videos and/or listen to the audios anywhere – walking the dog, standing in a queue, in the car, while cleaning your property
  • Get peace of mind knowing that you are following the rules

Discounts for all products apart from the Bundle Deal are available via the Coupon Codes for each product.  Note that you need to copy the coupon exactly – copy and paste is recommended.  See the purchase instructions at the bottom of this page.

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Our Black Friday Discounts are as follows:

Get 50% off everything with our Black Friday special bundle deal - £399.00 (£332.50 + VAT)

Get all following products for one special price.

  1. Managing Your Rented Property Within the Law CPD version (normal price £500, BF price £375)
  2.  HMO Law & Practice (normal price £90, BF price £45.00)
  3. Changing Tenants Kit (normal price £60, BF price £42)
  4. Property Inspection Kit Plus (normal price £60, BF price 42)
  5. Deposit Error Repair Kit (normal price £70, BF price £49)

With this bundle deal you save 50% (£390) off the total full price of these items and nearly 30% (£163) off the total individual Black Friday sale prices.

Managing Property CPD

Managing Your Rented Property with the Law - 25% discount:
With CPD version (normally £500) - £375 (£312.50 + VAT)
Without CPD (normally £400) £300 (£250 + VAT)

This is our new big online training course.  It covers the following:

  • Background legal information – including penalties and types of law
  • The Property Condition – including the new ‘fitness for habitation’ legislation, the HHSRS regime, and how to deal with claims
  • Tenancy Agreements – how to make them work for you and give you an advantage
  • Setting up a tenancy – don’t forget anything at this critical stage, includes insurance and data protection issues, plus checklists and forms
  • Ending tenancies – includes looking at section 21 issues, things to do when ending tenancies

This major course is delivered by text, audios, and videos, test yourself with interactive exercises and ‘scenarios’, plus there is an option to get 5 hours CPD.

Note that the Coupon does not apply to the stage payment versions.  A free demonstration HMO101 course is available linked from the information page.

Coupon Code:


The Property Inspection Kit - 30% discount:
Kit only (normally £40) £28
Kit + documents (normally £60) £42

In order to comply with the myriad rules and regulations and avoid penalties, it is essential that landlords know what is going on in their properties.

Property inspections are key.  This kit will tell you all you need to know and give you a plan of action.  Includes checklists, draft letters and forms.

Note – this kit is available to Business Level Landlord Law members as part of their membership.

Coupon Code:


The Changing Tenants Kit - 30% discount:
(Normally £60) £42

What do you do if one of joint tenants wants to move out when the others want to stay?

This kit tells you the options and gives step by step guidance on what you need to do.

Note – this kit is available to all Landlord Law members as part of their membership.

Coupon Code:


The HMO Law & Practice Online Course - 50% discount:
(Normally £90) £45

If you rent to sharers, your property is highly likely to be an HMO. (House in Multiple Occupation).  

HMO’s are heavily regulated and the penalties for non compliances are fierce.  This course is based on the recordings of a workshop with solicitor David Smith and contains essential information for all HMO landlords.  

Note – this kit is available to Business Level Landlord Law members as part of their membership.

Coupon Code:


Deposit error repair kit

The Deposit Error Repair Kit - 30% discount:
(Normally £70) £49

Landlords need to protect tenants’ deposits within 30 days of receipt of the money and serve prescribed information, also within the 30 days period.

If you fail to do this – any section 21 notice you serve will be invalid.  Plus the tenant can go to court and claim a penalty award.  The Judge cannot refuse to award this and the penalty will be between 1 and 3x the deposit sum.  

This kit guides you through the legislation and gives detailed guidance on what you  need to do if this ever happens to you.

Coupon Code:


How to buy

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If you have any problems you will find guidance in the Help documents linked from the green button at the bottom right of every page or via the Help Docs link on the Services menu on the site header.

All kits are sold subject to our standard terms and conditions (the link will open in a new window or tab).

NB – some of you may have bought earlier versions of the deposit or changing tenants kits when they were hosted on a different website.  If so, get in touch as you may be eligible for a discount voucher for the new version or for the bundle deal.


Don't forget - these special offers will disappear at midnight on Friday 29 November!

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