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Read this first!

  • If you need help or advice   click here for our advice services
  • We do not accept guest posts or advertising or participate in link exchanges
  • We NEVER buy from telesales calls

In most cases please contact us via the on site messenger

Green help button

This is the little icon in a green circle you will see at the bottom right of the page.

In the picture it is shown on a blue background but it will more usually be on a white background.

Click it to open it up.  A box will pop up which will look like the picture on your right.

Click on the green ‘New conversation’ button.

Please answer any questions put to you and then let us have your message.

Or if you have a problem using the site, you may be able to find a suitable help document via the answer search box below the ‘New conversation’ button.

If you leave  your message during business hours we will try to get back to you within an hour (although this will not always be possible).  However we will respond as soon as we can.  Sometimes we will be able to respond within minutes.

Make sure you leave your email address so we can contact you if you cannot stay on the site for our response. However, make sure you put your email address in the special box rather than in a message as otherwise, the system will not be able to notify you of any response to your question.

You will be able to close the messenger by clicking the green button again (it will have a big X in it) or sometimes by clicking the X at the top of the messenger box.

If you have problems using the on site messenger

You can also

  • Send an email to us at contact @, or
  • Telephone and leave a message on 01603 763096 (note that you will not be able to access any one-to-one advice – our reception staff are not legally trained), or
  • (Members only) via the members’ forum

Note though that you should whenever possible, contact us via the green button support service. 

We will not normally reply to postal or telephone queries, particularly if these are requests for advice or are simply requests for us to return your call without giving a reason.

We do not provide telephone support – if you have a problem using the site you should use the online messenger and make sure you leave your correct email so we can check your membership or access rights.

For advice please use one of the services here.

However, if you have a problem using the Landlord Law website or service, you may first want to take a look at our Help Documents as you may find your question is already answered there.

The Best way to Contact Us:

It is normally best to contact us via the on site messenger because:

  • Your message cannot go astray – it will stay in our messaging in box until we deal with it.
  • You can view all your messages and our answers in the messaging box
  • If you contact us by phone you will in most cases be asked us to confirm the call via email or the Green Button messenger (particularly if you are ringing about your Landlord Law membership) – so you may as well contact us this way to start with.

If you send an email and we have not  replied:

It will probably be because it has been wrongly classed as spam by our system. 

Please re-submit your question via the green button messaging system.