Court Proceedings

Hopefully, as a landlord, your tenancies will be trouble free and it will not be necessary for you to go to court.  

However, for example:

  • You may need to evict your tenant
  • You may need to get a County Court Judgment (CCJ) for rent arrears
  • Your tenant may refer your notice of rent increase to the First Tier Tribunal
  • You may be prosecuted by the authorities under the various regulations

This section has information and guides to help you.

Note that under the Coronavirus Act 2020 the notice period for possession notices has now been increased to three months. In addition, the Courts have now suspended all possession claims and evictions – originally this was until June but the period has now been extended until 23 August 2020.  Here is the press release.

Can you please visit the Coronavirus help page for more information and links to information services

Featured Video : Doing it Yourself in the First Tier Tribunal

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