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Landlord Law is essentially a paid-for subscription service, but that does not mean that there is not a lot of useful help and guidance you will find here free of charge! 

Here is a list of the main items:

These are lists of Tessa’s ‘Ten Top Tips’ on various landlord and tenant law related issues, written from the point of view of landlords (although they will also be useful for letting agents and tenants).

› Find the top tips here

‘Trails’ are online guidance sections where you navigate towards the answer to your issue by answering questions ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  We have a number of trails – if you are a non member you can read the first page of all of them, but the following are free to use:

  • The Tenancy Trail – find out what tenancy type you have (essential as many rights and obligations depend on the tenancy type involved)
  • Which Tenancy Agreement? – check which type of tenancy agreement you should be using for your tenancy.
  • Which Possession Proceedings? make sure you don’t waste time and money but using the wrong procedure to evict your tenant

› See all the ‘trails’ here

This has regular posts on:

› Find all the News Blog posts here

Every Tuesday (apart from over the Christmas period) we sent out a ‘weekly bulletin’ with news and updates.

In most issues, we open up part of the Landlord Law site for non-members to read.  So if you want to sample some of our content – subscribing to the Bulletin is a good idea.

We also feature a ‘weekly video’ but this not always a Landlord Law video – often we will feature free videos found elsewhere, for example on You Tube.

The bulletin is a totally free service so if you are involved in the Private Rented Sector it is well worth signing up (and you get a Free Ebook).

› Sign up to the Weekly Bulletin here

Social Media content

You can also find  Landlord Law content, in particular, the News Blog posts, via social media:

Check out the FREE content on the Landlord Law website! #landlordlaw

The Free content is good but the paid for content is better!

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