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HMO is short for House in Multiple Occupation.  But what is this?

There is a lot of confusion about the definition particularly as there are four different kinds of HMOs which all have different rules.  However, in a landlord and tenant context, ‘HMO’ normally means the type of HMO which is subject to licensing and which is defined by s254 of the Housing Act 2004.

This type of HMO will normally arise when there are three or more residents who form two or more ‘households’.

They are subject to various regulations, in particular:

  • The management regulations – which are essentially health and safety based, and
  • The licensing regulations – which require many (but not all) HMO managers to obtain a license from the local council.

Landlord Law has a huge amount of information about HMOs which can be divided into:

  • Free information
  • Information which is part of Landlord Law membership and
  • Paid training and courses

As follows:

Free Information:

Pay Extra HMO training:

There are no paid HMO training courses available at the moment.

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Legal cases:

Business Level Members only training courses:

The HMO Law & Practice Course
The HMO Day 2020

Local Authority Directory:

This can be found here

We have an entry for every Local Authority/Council in England and Wales with contact details and information about their HMO licensing, along with other information including their arrangements for discretionary housing payments.

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