Landlord Law Services for Landlords

LandlordLandlord Law is (as its name suggests) primarily a service for landlords – private residential landlords in England and Wales only (as opposed to landlords of property outside England & Wales, social housing landlords, or landlords of commercial property).  

Over the years thousands of landlords have saved thousands of pounds by using Landlord Law to help them manage their properties and comply with the law.

Here are some of the main services:

  • Information – there are now so many rules and regulations you have to comply with.  You need somewhere giving reliable information about what your obligations are and what you are supposed to do.  We have numerous articles, legal FAQ and our unique Q&A  ‘trails’ to give you the information you need.
  • Checklists – makes sure you don’t miss any important steps by following our detailed checklist guides
  • Documents – from tenancy agreements to possession notices you need to have proper legally valid documentation for your tenancies.  All our documents are professionally drafted and (where this is possible) in a plain English style so you – and your tenants – you can understand them
  • Eviction Guide – hundreds if not thousands of landlords have used our step by step guide to save money on solicitors’ fees.
  • Updates – our weekly bulletin will keep you updated on changes in the law together with our ‘critical legal information’ news posts
  • Training – things are changing all the time.  We have regular monthly ‘members only’ training webinars from experts (often housing barristers).  Business level members will also be able to view the recordings of past training webinars
  • Training event discounts – logged in Landlord Law members get automatic discounts when purchasing places for training workshops and our annual Conference.
  • One to one – discuss problems and seek guidance on our members’ forum area or purchase 1/2 hour telephone advice with a specialist housing solicitor. 
Landlord Law is written and run by Tessa Shepperson, a specialist landlord & tenant solicitor who has been advising landlords for over 25 years. 
Here is what some of our members have said: 
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Seven reasons to join Landlord Law today:

  1.  Empower yourself learn how to do things yourself rather than relying on expensive ‘experts’
  2.  Gain confidence through learning and understanding your legal rights and obligations
  3.  Content you can trust – Tessa Shepperson has specialised in landlord & tenant law for over 20 years
  4.  Get answers now! – no more desperate searching through the internet – content is organised by topic so you can find it quickly
  5.  Forms you can rely on – regularly updated and professionally drafted
  6.  Interactive – discuss your problems and request new content on the forums
  7.  Peace of mind – relax knowing that Landlord Law is there for you 24/7 …