Learning Resources & Courses for Landlords in the Lockdown

During the Coronavirus Lockdown we are all confined to our homes, to prevent the spread of infection and protect the National Health Service.

What can you do during this confinement?

One answer is to catch up with your training with our

Lockdown Learning!

To help landlords (and indeed anyone in the Private Rented Sector) we will be making available a training course or video every week which will either be totally free of charge or at a very low cost.

Each course will be featured for one week – the week will run from every Wednesday.

All courses will be mobile friendly so you can view them on all your devices (although normally they will be best viewed via a desktop or laptop computer).

I hope you will enjoy this special ‘coronavirus lockdown feature’.

  • Access for the free courses will be limited to that week
  • The low price for the paid for courses will only be available during that week (after which it will revert to its full price).

Featured Training for the week starting Wednesday 26 May 2020:
Landlord Law Legal Basics (3) Contract Law

On Landlord Law we have a series of ‘Legal Basics’ courses to help you understand some of the fundamental but often unknown basics of our legal system.  Over the next few weeks we will be making these available to you via our Lockdown Leaning.

The third of our Legal Basics courses looks at one of the building blocks of the legal system – contact law.

This is an important part of landlord and tenant law (a tenancy is a legal contract) but it is also an important part of everyday life.

  • Every time you go into a corner shop and buy a newspaper or bar of chocolate you are entering into a contract for the sale of goods.
  • Every time you buy a bus ticket you are contracting for a service
  • Every time you employ someone to paint your house you are entering into a services contract

This short course sets out very briefly the basics of how contract law works.  There are also some classic contract law cases.

The new Lockdown Learning course will be announced on Wednesday 4 June.

This course is free of charge for the week.  If you have a problem accessing it – let us know.

** Special Two Part Webinar Series with Housing Barrister Robert Brown **
Letting Property during the Coronavirus Emergency

The Lockdown Learning courses will be mostly older courses which are being made available for you to view without charge.  However you will no doubt be concerned about managing your properties NOW during this coronavirus pendemic.  

To help with this we are running a special two part webinar series with housing barrister and Deputy District Judge Robert Brown.

We also want to help charities who are having a hard time just now with most of their fundraising  events and shops closed by the emergency so we will be donating  the net ticket proceeds to two of our featured charities.  Tickets will cost just £12 (£10 + VAT).

Webinar 1: Dealing with Lettings – Thursday 9 April @ 10.30 am

This looked at the following:

  • Repairs
  • Gas & electricity inspections
  • Tenants withholding rent
  • Buy-to-let & mortgage providers
  • Viewings & new tenancies
  • Net proceeds of this webinar will go to the British Red Cross

Webinar 2: Going to Court – Thursday 16 April @ 10.30 am

This will look at the following:

  • What is happening to possession hearings
  • Existing possession orders
  • Accelerated claims
  • Other court proceedings
  • Notices during the pandemic
  • Net proceeds of this webinar will go to Crisis UK
Replays are available with your ticket price, if you are unable to attend live or want to watch the recording again.

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