Local Authorities are increasingly important for Landlords.  Many landlords will need to apply for a license for their property, in particular, if the property is an HMO.

Local Authorities, for the most part, are the organisations which enforce the regulations.  If a landlord is in breach of housing law then it will generally be a Local Authority which brings the prosecution, not the police.  So you need to know who the Local Authority are for your property and what the situation is regarding licensing.

To help you we have developed this special Local Authority Directory.  It has a page for every authority in England and Wales, with information about licensing fees, whether there are additional or selective licensing schemes and contact details.

The directory also has links to local authority website pages which will help tenants in arrears of rent, along with a link to their discretionary housing payments policy.  We are also in the process of adding information about Local Authority support for green improvement support. We have added up to the letter ‘L’ .

Note that this directory will always be a work in progress as local authority websites are constantly changing.  We do the best we can!

If you do not know the Local Authority for your property – click the blue button below.  You will need to have the postcode of the property concerned.

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Check out our video on Dealing with Local Authorities.

Purchasers of our ‘Helping Tenants in Arrears’ kit also have access to the directory and will find the entries on sources of help for tenants particularly useful.

If you find any errors in the directory entries or wish to comment on a Local Authority service, you will find a link to our feedback form on the directory pages.