Non Member HMO Hotline Service – Anthony Gold

Thank you for your payment. You now need to complete the instruction form. This is where you tell us about yourself, the tenancy, and the problem you wish to discuss.

Note that our forms are not designed to be completed with a smart phone – please can you use a desktop or laptop computer.

We suggest you read our guide on making the most of your advice call before completing the form.

It is  ESSENTIAL that this form is completed and sent to us.  Until this is done – no action will be taken on your order.

Even if you have emailed us about your problem in the past.

Once received, your form will be passed to Anthony Gold Solicitors.  You will then be contacted by them within two working days to arrange for your advice call – which will take place not later than five days working days after receipt of payment and this form.

Note – we would prefer it if you did not TYPE IN CAPITALS as it makes it harder to read. Please, therefore, can you check your caps lock is not on before filling in the form. Thank you.

Your Trial One Months Membership

As part of our non-members’ telephone advice service, you get one month’s free membership of Landlord Law (basic level).  You are logged in now so once you have submitted this form you will be able to explore the Landlord Law site.  You should get an email about your trial membership – if this does not arrive let us know.

Please now complete the form as follows:

Non member 'HMO Hotline' telephone advice form - Anthony Gold

  • (Note - the solicitors may be unable to act for you if this person is an existing client).
    Note that the solicitors will not be able to advise where the property is situated outside the United Kingdom.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    This should be when the tenants first moved in rather than the date of the last fixed-term agreement.
    You will need to provide a copy of the relevant tenancy agreement to the solicitor.

  • Your Problem

    In the boxes below you will need to set out details of your problem.

    When setting out your problem you may want to read this article (the link will open in a new tab or window) which has guidance on how to get the most value from your telephone advice call.

    Ideally, you should give a rundown of key events in chronological order.

    Now complete the form as follows:
  • Although the box above looks small, you can copy and paste long text into it. We suggest you draft up your question in your own word processing software and then paste it into the box.
  • Your Documents

    The solicitor will consider up to three documents as part of your advice. As this is only a half-hour advice call, the solicitor cannot read numerous files and provide your advice within the time frame.

    We suggest you choose your three files carefully to be the most relevant. In most cases, for example, the adviser will want to see the tenancy agreement, or agency agreement if this is an agency issue. Also if there is a specific piece of correspondence from a solicitor, tenant or local authority which has sparked the enquiry that needs to be uploaded too.

    You can load your files up using the upload buttons below. If your files are too large, then you will need to arrange with the solicitors direct to send the files to them, when they contact you to arrange for your advice call.

    The system can accept the following file types: pdf, jpg, doc, docx, txt, xls, xlsx

    Note though that you do not HAVE to send any files if there are none relevant. Only send files if they are important for your case.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, doc, docx, txt, xls, xlsx.
    Upload your first file here. The maximum file size is 50mb.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, doc, docx, txt, xls, xlsx.
    Upload your second file here. The maximum file size is 50mb.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, doc, docx, txt, xls, xlsx.
    Upload your third file here. The maximum file size is 50mb.
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    Please check your responses carefully before you submit your answers.
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