Special Information Pages


All of the content on Landlord Law can be located via the main topic pages.

However some subjects – such as eviction – straddle more than one topic.  Others have a lot of content which could usefully be set out in a clearer way.

The answer is our special information pages – which are all linked from this central location.  We may also add to them from time to time.

If you have any suggestions for others – let us know via the forum.

General Legal Background

This page has links to content which will help you understand how the law works.

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Documents and forms

All landlords have to deal with the dreaded paperwork.  To make life easier for you, we have links to all of the documents on the site  (and also to most of our letters) from this page.

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Law in Wales

With new laws being passed by the Welsh Assembly landlords in Wales now operate under different rules.  We have gathered together links to our Welsh content on this page.

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CoronavirusCoronavirus Help Page

This page has resources and draft letters to help you during the coronavirus emergency,

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The Tenant Fees Act

This act (which applies only in England) will bring major changes after it comes into force on 1 June 2019.  The special information page has links to all relevant content.

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There is a huge amount of content on Landlord Law on eviction of tenants so we may have missed some.  But you will find most of the content linked from this page.

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Section 21

Section 21 is really important as it is still the best  way to recover possession of your property.  There are now different rules in England and in Wales – both are covered on this page.

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Common Law Tenancies

Some tenancies are not Assured or Assured Shorthold tenancies and operate under the old ‘common law’ rules.  This page collects all the information we have about them.

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Right to Rent Content

Its an irritation to have to be an unpaid  immigration officer for the Home Office, but unless and until the challenges to the system are successful, this is something landlords have to put up with.  But at least you will find all the help and guidance you need on this page.

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