Step by Step Guides or ‘Trails’

Landlord and tenant law is often very formulaic and to reach the correct answer you may need to answer a number of questions.

To help you, we have a number of guides on Landlord Law which do this for you.  We have always thought of them as ‘trails’ although they are perhaps better described as ‘step by step guides’.

When you follow the trail you will be asked a series of questions to which you need to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  These will lead you finally to an ‘answer’ page which will give the solution to the particular issue being considered by the trail.

As well as the question and answer pages there are also ‘information’ pages which will just give guidance on some relevant issue.  Often you will not be able to proceed along the trail until you have confirmed that the issue described in the information page has been dealt with.

Consider the trails as being the equivalent of a solicitor sitting next to you asking questions about your case.  They should save you a lot of time and expense.

Here is a list of all the trails we have on the site at the moment:

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The Trail Icons:

Saving Money with Landlord Law
The Tenancy Trail
The Tenancy Trail
Which Tenancy Agreement
Which Tenancy Agreement?
Problem Letting Agents
Tenancy Deposit
Section 21 Guide
Which Possession Proceedings
Which Possession Proceedings