Telephone Advice Service – From a solicitor

A simple and straightforward way for you to get up to 1/2 hours telephone advice from a specialist landlord and tenant solicitor.

We have the following advice services:

  • General landlord & tenant advice
  • Our ‘HMO Hotline’
  • The Rent Repayment Order Hotline

It does not matter if you are not a Landlord Law member – you can use our non-members service (and get a free 1-month membership of Landlord Law).  Or, if you are a member, use the member services below which are cheaper.

We also have a separate Debt Assessment advice service from Julie Ford (who is not a solicitor) which may be helpful if your problem is that your tenant cannot afford the rent.  Find out about this here.

Note that the solicitors’ telephone advice service is not available for solicitors or solicitors firms.  We may though be able to arrange for you to have a telephone advice call with a specialist housing barrister’s chambers via direct access.  This service is presently limited to solicitors firms – please contact us if you require this.
The telephone advice service from a solicitor is subject to our terms and conditions which you can read here.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Select the service you require
  • Select the solicitors firm you wish to use
  • This will take  you to the payment page where you will need to make payment
  • Once this has been done, you will be redirected to an information form where you need to set out your details and details of your case – this is essential!
  • Once you have submitted the form, it will automatically be sent to your chosen solicitors firm who will be in touch within two working days* to arrange for your advice call
  • The solicitors will normally provide your advice call at the latest within 5 working days* of receipt of your information form.
  • Make sure you discuss with the solicitor whether you will ring them or whether they will ring you
  • If your issue cannot be dealt with in the half-hour period, the solicitor will give preliminary advice and (if appropriate) give you a quotation for any further advice or other services required.
  • NB See also our FAQ below.

*’Working days’ means Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays

If you experience problems using this service, please send us a message via the green button message service (you will see the button at the bottom right of your screen).

Note that our instruction forms are not designed to be completed on a mobile or smartphone and if you try to do so you will probably experience difficulties.  Please can you use a laptop or desktop device.

Please now select one of the following:

This can be used for all landlord and tenant related issues.  You will also get a free ‘one months’ trial membership of Landlord Law.

Cost is £130 (£108.33 + VAT)

Select as follows:

Cozens Hardy:

› Find out more     › Select Cozens Hardy

Dutton Gregory:

› Find out more     › Select Dutton Gregory

JMW Solicitors:

› Find out more     › Select JMW Solicitors

Newbold Solicitors

› Find out more     › Select Newbold Solicitors

Woodstock Legal Services:

› Find out more     › Select Woodstock Legal Services

Welsh DragonAll firms can provide advice for properties in England.  If your property is in Wales you should select either Newbold Solicitors (who are based in Wales) or JMW.

This is the same price as the general advice service but your call will be taken by a solicitor who specialises in this complex area of work.

The price is the same at £130 (£108.33) and you will also get the free one months trial Landlord Law membership.

Anthony Gold Solicitors:

› Find out more     › Select Anthony Gold

JMW Solicitors:

› Find out more     › Select JMW Solicitors

“Very useful. It is generally quite difficult to find somebody who can discuss HMO related topics in detail (based on fact rather than opinion).” S, Landlord

This is a special service from Anthony Gold solicitors to provide telephone advice for landlords where a claim is being made against them, or is threatened, by either their tenants or their Local Authority.

The price is £130 (£108.33) and you will also get the free one month’s trial Landlord Law membership.

Anthony Gold Solicitors:

› Find out more     › Select Anthony Gold  

If you are a Landlord Law member you pay a lower fee of £115 (£95.83 + VAT).

› Members click here

If you are an annual Business Level member and have paid full price for your membership then you can claim a free 30 minute advice call with Tessa Shepperson.

› Find out more

Some Frequently asked questions:

Probably not.  To a large extent, it will depend on what is in the solicitors’ diaries – and solicitors diaries are usually fairly full.  For example, if all the solicitors are at court – the answer will be ‘no!’.

The solicitors’ firms should contact you within 2 working days of receipt of your instruction form and provide the advice call within 5 working days.

However, if the case is a genuine emergency they will try to advise quicker.  We suggest you explain in your instruction form why your case is urgent.

If the solicitors are not able to provide the advice in time then you can cancel (so long as the call has not taken place!) and ask for a refund of your fee paid.

Solicitors are very busy people.  They do not provide free advice to callers and their solicitors are unlikely to return a call where there is no fee paid in advance.  Any returned call will be from one of their admin staff – who will not be able to answer your question and who may refer you to this service!

However, with our service it is different.  They will have the instruction form which you will have completed as part of the process and our confirmation to them that we are in funds.  So they will get back to you.

Probably not as you have only paid for a 30-minute call.  We would suggest that you read our guidance so that you do not waste time on the call.

If you need further help from them we suggest you discuss this with them during your call and ask them for a quotation for further work.

Unfortunately no.  The fixed fee is JUST for telephone advice.  It does not include any written element.

It is therefore up to you to take detailed notes as discussed in our help article.

If you require written advice this will have to be requested from the solicitors firm direct and paid for separately.  It is not available via this service.

Yes.  Newbold Solicitors are based in Wales so they would be an excellent choice.  JMW Solicitors, although based in London and Manchester also have staff who understand Welsh law.

Probably not.  This service is provided for landlords, agents and others regarding property in England and Wales.  It is not intended for advice regarding other areas of the UK (or indeed other countries).

It is possible that some of our panel solicitors firms may have staff who understand Scottish or Northern Irish Law (for example David Smith of JMW Solicitors) but you would need to ask them about this before booking your call.

The only telephone advice now provided by Tessa is the free advice call for annual Business Level members who have paid full price.

Find out more here.

However, Landlord Law members can always ask Tessa questions in the member’s forum and she will answer them there.

Read our guide on getting the most from your advice call

The Landlord Law Telephone Advice Service Solicitors:

Not a Landlord Law member?

Client feedback:

It was quick and easy to arrange a time to speak. The lawyer had read the questions, knew the answers, and was direct and to-the-point.
Graham Johnson
I was very satisfied with the speed at which Landlord Law set up the telephone advice and the quality of the advice I received from Andrew Gold
Michael Skinner
Property Manager