Part 4 of the New Course – Setting up a tenancy

November 18, 2019

Setting up a tenancyAll parts of the course are important but Part 4 is particularly important.  It is the part that tells you what to do when setting up a tenancy so you don’t get anything wrong.

We also look at a number of issues that are important at this stage such as

  • Tenancy Deposits (including alternative deposit schemes)
  • Data protection (and how you comply with the rules)
  • Insurance, and
  • Tenant fees

Together with a lesson which takes you through all the things you need to do before you had over those keys.

We have a couple of specially recorded interviews in this section:

Alternative Deposits

We speak to Eddie Hooker the CEO of Hamilton Fraser and Suzy Hershman of My Deposits about alternative deposits – what they actually are and what landlords need to watch out for.

This was a real eye opener for me, as I had not realised before that these products are not actually insurance products but a guarantee.



Where I speak to Siobhan O’Reilly, the Property Manager and Melissa Choules, Senior Claims Technician. at Hamilton Fraser Insurance.

This is another great interview and you will learn a huge amount about this important topic.


We also have checklists for you and some special documents you can use when signing up your tenants.

And generally

All in all you will find this to be a very useful part of the course with a lot of useful information and resources to help you at this critical stage.

And to help you manage your rented property within the law.

Learn how to set up a new tenancy with the 'Managing You Rented Property Within the Law' online course from #landlordlaw

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