Helping tenant in arrears of rent kit

The Helping Tenants
in Arrears Kit


Are your tenants in arrears of rent?

Is this putting YOU in financial difficulties?

Is the situation getting worse?

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a terrible effect on many tenants.

 Thousands have lost their jobs or are having to live on benefit – which is normally insufficient to pay for properties that were rented when they were in full employment.

Many landlords have just thrown up their hands and decided that eviction is the only answer.

But in most cases eviction is a terrible answer that helps no-one:

It is expensive for landlords

Particularly as most tenants will stop paying rent if they think they are going to be evicted

It takes a very long time

So by the time you recover possession your only option may be to sell the property

Even if this is not the case

there will be an inevitable void while you do the property up and then look for new tenants

Eviction can also be catastrophic

for tenants who may be rendered homeless if they cannot find anywhere else to live

But eviction is NOT the only answer!

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Introducing Julie Ford

Julie is a housing adviser who specialises in ‘Alternative Rent Arrears Resolution’ ie helping tenants in rent arrears.

In February 2021 we invited her to do a training webinar for Landlord Law members and we were all blown away by her presentation!

She explained to us how she was able to help tenants remain in their property on full rent with the rent arrears cleared – by sorting out their benefit and applying for grant aid.  Most of us listening had no idea that there was so much grant aid available!

Watch the video below (taken from that presentation) to find out more about her work.  We will be publishing more of these over the coming week.

Julie Ford

Come back tomorrow when a new video will go online!

Julie’s presentation was a revelation to many and I know she was contacted by many landlords afterwards.  However, Julie cannot personally help all of the many thousands of tenants who are in arrears.

So we decided to create a course explaining Julie’s methods and giving links to the sources she uses, to help landlords and their letting agents do this work themselves.

So what does the Kit contain?

  • The full version of Julie’s training webinar
  • A step by step guide to Julie’s procedures for helping tenants
  • Links to online resources, and
  • Guidance on procedures for applying for grant aid

If you get the +plus version of the kit, you will also have all Julie’s precedent documentation, including:

  • The information form for tenants to complete, and
  • Draft letters, and
  • Free access to a training webinar with Julie.  The date to be arranged but it will be within 21 days of the end of this Beta Offer period.

We can't guarantee that you will be successful in ALL cases

but in many cases you should be able to claim at least some funding for your tenants.

Even if you are not able to recover everything.

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Every tenant who is helped to stay in their property is a gain:

Tenants will gain as they will not be at risk of homelessness

A terrible thing for tenants which could affect them negatively for the rest of their lives

Landlords will gain as their income will be stabilised

and they will not have to suffer the expense and stress of court proceedings and then having to find new tenants

Landlords’ agents will gain

as there will be money available to pay their commission

Agents' landlord clients will be delighted with their service

and more likely to remain with them and give testimonials

    Helping tenants to pay their rent and remain in their homes will also help:

    • Our overloaded Court system which is struggling to cope with a massive backlog of cases, and
    • Local Authorities who will be spared the heavy cost of rehousing tenants in priority need.

    Eviction should always be the last resort – and with this kit, you will have the means to avoid court action in many if not most cases.

    Its a 'no brainer'!

    • The situation will (in most cases) be resolved much quicker than going to court (it is currently estimated that eviction claims will take up to 18 months or more to complete)
    • Landlords may recover full rent arrears
    • Tenants issues can, in many cases, be resolved – whether it is affording the rent going forward or finding more suitable housing
    • It is a less aggressive and kinder way to deal with tenants who frequently are in arrears through no fault of their own

    Are you a letting agency?

    Why not use this kit to train up a special member of staff who will be available to help all tenants who fall into difficulties?

    It will mean fewer problem tenants and your landlords will love you!  There is no reason why this cannot be a chargeable service.

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    This is a 'Beta Version' of this kit

    Julie and I (Tessa Shepperson) have gone as far as we can with the development of this kit.  We now need YOUR help.

    We need to know how helpful the kit as drafted is for your purposes, and if there is any additional content or guidance that you would like included.  And any other comments you may have.

    We are therefore making this ‘beta version’ of the kit available for a limited period of time at a 50% discount.  For this, you will get access to the beta version for the next 12 months.  However, if you provide feedback via our feedback form (and leave your name and email address) you will be upgraded to the new version, when it goes live, and given ‘lifetime access’.

    This beta version will be available until Monday 19 April.

    Mobile Friendly website

    All our content is hosted on a mobile responsive website, which allows you to read and study the kits easily, and watch the videos on most devices, including smart-phones and tablets.

    The only parts of the kits which are perhaps best dealt with on a laptop or desktop computer are the forms. Otherwise, the kit can easily be accessed, for example on your smart-phone, while travelling or waiting in a queue.

    Be aware that the kit is wholly electronic. Nothing is sent out by post.

    Our guarantee to you

    If you find the kit is unsuitable for you in any way - all you need to do is email us requesting a cancellation not later than 30 days after purchase, giving your reason why. Your payment will then be refunded and your access to the kit cancelled.

    Your questions answered:

    Q: What if I can’t access the kit or if it does not work on my computer?
    A: It should do, this is a standard WordPress website.  However, if you have a problem contact us via our ‘green button’ support service.  If the problem cannot be resolved, you can claim your money back under our guarantee. 

    Q: I am based in  Wales, can I use the kit?
    A: Yes the kit will be suitable for you.  

    Q: I am based in Scotland, can I use the kit?
    A: The kit is written mainly for an English audience and Scotland has a different legal system but the principles should still apply.

    Q: How long do I get access?
    A: You will get access to this version of the kit for 12 months. However, if you complete our feedback form (a link will be emailed to you after purchase) you will be given ‘lifetime’ access to the new version.

    ‘Lifetime access’ means that you will be able to use the kit as long as this site is up and running (ie for the lifetime of this website). Although we only guarantee a 12 months access – so if the site gets taken down for any reason during the first 12 months after purchase, you can claim a refund of a proportionate part of your purchase price.

    Q: I am a Landlord Law member – do I need the kit?
    A: The kit is not available as part of Landlord Law membership apart than the training webinar.  But Landlord Law members will get an automatic discount of 20% if they are logged in at the time of purchase.

    Q: Can I ask you questions about my particular issues?
    A: The kit does not include any ‘one to one’ advice element. Although we are planning to run training webinars which kit owners will be able to attend at a lower cost.

    Purchases of the Plus version of this kit will be able to attend one of these webinars for free.

    Q: I prefer not to pay online – can I pay by BACS or cheque?
    A: No.  We only accept payment via our online system.  However, you can elect to pay by either credit / debit card or pay pal.

    Q: If I get the standard kit but then decide I would like the Plus version, can I upgrade?
    A: Yes, but this will be conditional upon a payment to take account of the difference in cost between the two versions plus a £15 admin charge. To upgrade, contact us via the green button support service.

    Helping tenant in arrears of rent kit

    The Helping Tenants
    in Arrears Kit


    How to buy the kit

    For example if you are a Landlord Law member or have bought something before log in here.

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    Then come back to this page.

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    You should also receive several emails – one will be a receipt for your payment, another will provide a link to access your kit later.  You will also  receive information about the Beta Kit feedback form.

    If you have any problems you can get technical support via the green messenger button you will find at the bottom right on all pages.

    All kits are sold subject to our standard terms and conditions (the link will open in a new window or tab).

    Please now select one of the options below:

    Helping Tenants in Arrears Kit

    The Helping Tenants in Arrears Kit

    Standard Version

    This includes the following:

    • The full version of Julie’s training webinar
    • A step by step guide for you to follow
    • Links to relevant services you can use to check benefit entitlement, and
    • Links to check for grant aid
    • Access to the Landlord Law Local Authority Directory where we will be publishing relevant information
    • A special link for you to use if you wish to instruct Julie to carry out an assessment of your case for £50
    • A telephone advice service at the preferential rate of £115 (normal price £130).

    Get 50% discount with this Beta Version

    Normal price £120 (£100 + VAT)

    Beta version price £60 (£50 + VAT)

    The Helping Tenants in Arrears Kit

    Plus Version

    This includes the following:

    • All the Standard Version content


    • A pdf form you can use to obtain information from tenants, and
    • An income and expenditure form
    • Draft letters including
      • Letters/emails to tenants and
      • A letter of authority
    • Free access to a training webinar with Julie Ford (date to be arranged).

    Get 50% discount with this Beta Version

    Normal price £150 (£125 + VAT)

    Beta version price £75 (£62.50 + VAT)

    Note that this Beta version will only be available until
    Monday 19 April 2021 at 10.30 pm - or for


    User feedback on other kits developed by Tessa Shepperson of Landlord Law

    " Once again, Ms Shepperson has produced a clear and highly informative kit to assist both the new landlord and professionals. Her clear narrative is easy to understand and she covers the topics to the highest level as always"
    Tracey Fisher,
    Letting Agent
    " Clear and simple structure to follow but backed up by sound legal advice. Will now make doing the inspections an easy task instead of something to be concerned about. Thank you"
    Alison Smith,
    " An easy to follow guide to do inspections and protect the Landlord"
    B A Mathon,
    " A great little toolkit written in plain English to put an easy to follow process around a necessary aspect of being a landlord. The standard letters are particularly useful"
    Vicky Farmer,
    " Simple yet comprehensive and I doubt there are many, if any, landlords who can't gain something from this kit."
    London house
    Martin Lloyd,
    "The kit is well laid out and informative in a much neglected area of housing."
    Stephen Wilson,
    Housing Adviser