In this special training day, our speakers will explain the procedure and bring you up to date with the post pandemic rules and regulations.

Also useful for letting agents, lawyers and housing advisers.

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Tessa Shepperson discusses the event with our principal speaker, solicitor David Smith of JMW.

Sadly the pandemic has meant that many landlords now have no alternative but to bring eviction proceedings against their tenants.

Or maybe you require the property back to sell or live in yourself?

Many landlords, either through personal preference or lack of funds, choose to act in person when bringing possession proceedings. 

However, it is very easy to go wrong – which even in ‘normal’ times will put your case back by several weeks.  But with the current delays in the courts following the pandemic, a mistake can cost you months.  Which can prove very expensive if your tenant is not paying rent.

This training day will bring you bang up to date with the rules and regs, plus our speakers will give tips and guidance to ensure that your claim goes smoothly.

This training will be suitable for:

The trainers

David Smith

David Smith

David is a solicitor and partner at JMW Solicitors. He is well known as an expert on landlord & tenant law.

Neli Borisova

Neli Borisova

Neli is a solicitor at JMW Solicitors and works closely with David helping landlords with landlord & tenant law.

Robert Brown

Robert is a specialist housing barrister from Selborne Chambers and a Deputy District Judge.

Tessa Shepperson

Tessa Shepperson

Tessa is a solicitor and the owner of the Landlord Law service. She is a specialist landlord & tenant lawyer and will be your host for the day.

The Program:

  • 09.10 AM - Welcome

    Your host Tessa Shepperson

    Tessa will open the training day with a short welcome talk.

  • 09.15 0 10.00 AM - Analysis - Which Proceedings?

    Speaker: David Smith

    David will be looking at licenses and tenancies (including sham licenses), the difference between ASTs, ATs, common law and protected tenancies and how this affects the proceedings you use. NB It will be mostly assumed in subsequent talks that we are dealing with an AST as they are most common tenancy type.

  • 10.15 - 11.00 AM - Possession Notices

    Speaker:David Smith

    David will be looking at the difference notices (s21, s8 and NTQ) when you use them, notice periods, drafting tips for notices, common problems and how to avoid them

  • 11.15 - 12.00 PM - Dealing with the forms and issue

    Speaker: Neli Borisova

    Neli will be discussing the forms, and PCOL, giving guidance on completing the forms, common problems and how to avoid them, and tips on the issue of proceedings

  • 12.15 - 01.00 PM - Court Hearings (1)

    Speaker: Robert Brown

    Robert will be looking at case reviews and standard hearings, including video and telephone hearings, giving practical guidance and best practice recommendations

  • 01.00 - 02.00 PM - Lunch

    During the lunch break there will be a couple of promotional videos for you to watch if you wish

  • 02.00 - 02.45 PM - Court Hearings (2)

    Speaker: Robert Brown

    This will be a continuation of talk (1), going on to look (briefly) at defended claims and appeals.

  • 03.00 - 03.45 PM - Enforcement, possession and money judgments

    Speaker: David Smith

    David will consider whether you would use the bailiffs or the High Court Enforcement Officers, applications for a say and take a quick look at enforcement of CCJs.

  • 04.00 - 05.00 PM -Q&A

    All speakers

    A chance for you to put YOUR questions to our speakers. (Note that you can also ask questions during the individual talks but there may not be sufficient time to deal with them then).

Bonus item

A pre-recorded training talk with Julie Ford on helping tenants in arrears of rent

Julie Ford

Although you will be signing up to this course for help and guidance in bringing a claim for possession, it is always best, if you can, to avoid this.

For example, if the reason you are looking to evict is your tenant’s rent arrears, it may be possible to help your tenants by sourcing grant and other aid to enable them to clear their arrears.

Julie Ford specialises in this work and has helped many landlords and their tenants.  In this talk, Julie will be explaining her methods and the resources she uses. 

We have also set up special links allowing you to instruct Julie direct, either to provide an assessment or to give telephone advice

Other bonus items will include:

Template documents

such as a special witness statement form

Links to all the forms and services

you will need to bring your claim

The bonus items will all be available from the delegates page where they will be loaded up shortly before or on the training day. A few bonus items will be available earlier for you to view after booking your place.

After the training day - all delegates will have access to:

For a period of three months - until 31 December 2021.

The Training Day Sponsors

We are grateful to Hammock – the property finance platform for UK landlords, who have kindly sponsored this event. 


About the training day and training material

  • The training day talks will take place on our special event website.
  • Bonus material, speakers powerpoints and (after the event) the recordings of the talks will be available via a password-protected ‘Delegates Page’ on the Landlord Law site.
  • Note that the talk with Julie Ford will be available on the delegates page as a bonus item.

Detailed guidance on accessing both sites will be provided.

Mobile friendly websites

Both the event website and the delegates page are mobile responsive.

So you will be able to access them on your smartphone as well as your desktop, laptop and tablet devices.

However, note that the documents and presentations may not display properly on a smartphone so you will need to use ideally a laptop or desktop computer to use them.

Be aware that this training course is wholly electronic. Nothing is sent out by post.

Your Questions Answered:

Can I cancel if I decide that the training is not appropriate for me?

A: Yes, you can cancel during the first 30 days after purchase and will receive a full refund under our guarantee. This does not affect your statutory rights. However, note that no cancellations are possible after the event has started.

How do I get access to the course material?

A: Immediately after purchase, you will be logged in as a delegate and re-directed to a thank you page which will contain a link to the Delegates page. To access this page later you will need to log into the site - full details will be provided.

What if I can’t access the training or if the software doesn't work on my computer?

A: It should do, both sites use software which are used all over the world. However, if it does not work for your system, you can cancel and receive a refund under our guarantee.

I am based in  Wales, is this training suitable for me?

A: This training is aimed more at an English audience but most of it will be relevant for you.

I am based in Scotland, is the training suitable for me?

A: No,  Scotland has a different legal system, as does Northern Ireland.  This training is only really suitable for landlords, agents and advisers (including lawyers) in England (and maybe Wales) and for their advisers.

I am a Landlord Law member – is this training included in my membership?

A: No.  However, all Landlord Law 'Business Level' members will get an automatic discount of 20% provided you are logged in at the time of purchase

I am a NRLA member - how do I log in to book my place?

A: This is not a NRLA website so your NRLA login will not work. However if you have bought any Landlord Law items in the past, our system will recognise your email and ask you to log in. To do this, use your email address as your username. You will be able to get a new password via the link on the login page.

How long do I get access to the training material?

A: You will get access to the delegates page (where the training talks will be hosted after the event) until 31 December 2021. (Although we may be willing to extend your time further on request).

Does this event include CPD?

A: There are two versions of the training, one with CPD and one without. If you buy the CPD version you will be able to claim 5 hours CPD by multiple choice questionnaire which will be made available after the event. If you get 60% or more of the answers correct you will be able to download your CPD certificate.

If I get the version without the CPD can I upgrade later?

A: Yes, subject to a payment to make up the difference in the price.

Can I ask questions?

A: You will be able to ask questions during the talks (the speakers will answer as many as they can within the time) and in the special Q&A session at the end of the day. We will answer as many questions as we can but cannot guarantee that all will receive answers.

I prefer not to pay online – can I pay by BACS or cheque?

A: Normally, we only accept payment via our online system, where you can elect to pay by either credit / debit card or PayPal. However we can invoice for larger bulk bookings. Contact us via the green button service if you require this.

I am having difficulty making payment - what can I do?

A: You will see a green button at the bottom right to the screen. Click this and ask for support. We can chat to you and talk you through the process.

Our guarantee to you

You can cancel and get a full refund (before the event has started) provided you let us know not later than 30 days after purchase, by sending us a message via our green button support service giving your reason why you wish to cancel and stating that you require a refund.

We will then cancel your purchase (and your access) and refund your money within 14 days.

Note however that no refunds will be made after the event has started.  

How to book and pay:

Note – all links will open in a new tab or window.

There are two purchase options for you:

Training only – £228 (£190 + VAT)

This includes

  • Access to the event website where you will watch the training talks on the day
  • Access to the Delegates page – where you will find:
    • The bonus material
    • Links to instruct Julie Ford and JMW Solicitors at special prices
    • (after the event) all the talks recordings and speakers powerpoints
  • Access to the delegates page will last until 31 December 2021

Or for an extra £12.00:

Training + CPD – £240 (£200 + VAT)

This includes all the event only items plus

  • Five hours CPD

The CPD to be provided by multiple-choice questionnaire – if you get 60% or more answers correct you will be able to download your CPD certificate.


  • Landlord Law Business Level members will get an automatic discount of 20% off the price (Not a member?  Find out about membership here).
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Feedback from delegates at our training events:

Feedback from our Rent to Rent Day

"Essential grounding in the considerations to be taken ahead of embarking on a R2R strategy. Really debunks the "easy money/cash building" preached by property gurus."
"Very useful information. The stark realities of "rent to rent" rather than the hyped gurus version of it."
Rodina Campbell
"This event was a great value for money, the quality of the information was great."
Claiton Silva
Property Manager

Feedback from our HMO Day:

"Relevant and credible subject matter experts - well balanced between the key HMO dimensions of poachers and gamekeepers."
Company Let
"Landlord Law HMO training day has been an excellent opportunity to hear from a range of experts in this specialist field. The detailed information was delivered in a very clear and concise manner and questions readily discussed. I would recommend this course to everyone involved with HMO properties."
London house

Feedback from our Virtual Conference:

"If you think you know it all - think again. this is a grown up conference with professionals who are on top of their subjects - two days packed with information to keep us up to date and prevent us falling into elephant pits. Excellent value.."
Would recommend landlords attend to keep abreast with the ever changing and in some cases illogical legislation. It could save them significant money and time avoiding disputes and fines."
London house
"Probably the most informative, current and relevant training around the law affecting Landlords and Tenant in the Private Rented sector. Excellent value for money. Thanks Tessa for putting it all together!"
London house
Ruth Gibson
Housing Adviser
As a landlord it is easy to get to the point where you fear that change is outpacing you. The Landlord Law Conference is a great place to ensure that your CPD is updated. Excellent speakers who are experts in their fields and go out of their way to make complex topics accessible. The conference is always very ably facilitated, which is a real bonus. Thank you."