Landlords! Have your tenants asked if they can keep a pet?

If so – we have created a pet form which gives landlords protection & peace of mind

The UK is a pet-loving nation.  If you are a landlord – at some point you will have to deal with tenants asking if they can keep a pet in your rented property.

Sometimes you will refuse – after all pets can cause serious damage to properties.  However, if the pet is suitable and the tenant responsible you may be minded to agree.

If so it is essential that your tenancy agreement provides for this.

  • Virtually all tenancy agreements by default have clauses stating that pets are not allowed.
  • Virtually no tenancy agreements include clauses to protect your position if pets are allowed.
Four pets

Enter the Landlord Law Pets Form

At Landlord Law, one of our most popular members form is our ‘pets form’.

This is a special form which amends the tenancy agreement (any tenancy agreement, it does not have to be a Landlord Law tenancy agreement) by permitting pets and at the same time adds clauses setting out terms under which your tenant is permitted to keep their pet. 

For example:

    • The agreement sets out details of the actual pet allowed – the type of animal (dog, cat, parrot etc) the breed, sex, colour, microchip details and so on.  Your permission is limited to that particular animal.
    • The tenant must give the name and address of an emergency contact who can care for the animal if something happens to the tenant.
    • There are clauses providing for the tenant to care for the pet properly and ensure (for example) that no damage is done to your property
    • The tenant is required  (where appropriate) to ensure their pet is suitably vaccinated and microchipped
    • There are clauses providing that the pet must not be a nuisance to neighbours
    Tenancy Agreement

    These clauses and others will help give you peace of mind when a pet is living within their property. 

    In addition, we also provide a helpful guidance document setting out. exactly how the form should be completed and used.  

    So how can the Pets Form help a landlord?

    • It sets out clearly the tenants legal obligations as regards the care and treatment of their pet within your property
    • It sets out your tenant’s responsibilities as regards keeping your property in good condition and reducing the likelihood of infestation
    • It will give you greater rights to claim against the tenant if these obligations are breached

    What about the Tenant Fees Act?

    The Tenant Fees legislation prohibits all payments other than those specially allowed by the legislation.

    The Landlord Law Pets form provides for you to charge the tenancy agreement amendment fee of £50 where this is allowed and also (should you wish this) it provides for the rent to be increased.

    Guidance is provided on the use of these clauses and when they are allowable.

    What you need to do:

    The cost of the clause is £12 (ie £10 + VAT).    To get it you need to

    • Click the orange button below
    • Pay the fee online (you can pay by credit/debt card or by pay pal)
    • Make sure when completing the online information, that you input your email address correctly (or you may not get the email)
    • After payment you will be redirected to the download page, and
    • You will be sent a receipt by our system for the fee paid, and
    • An email with a link to the download page should you need to download the form again.

    Answering. your questions

    Can I have a refund if I consider the form is not suitable for me?

    We cannot make refunds after the form is downloaded, as it cannot be returned.  So refunds will only be paid at our discretion.

    Will the clause work with my tenancy agreement?

    Yes, you will need to give details of your tenancy agreement in the form and the form will then serve as an amendment to your tenancy agreement by adding the clauses in the form.

    My property is in Wales - can I use this form?

    Yes, the form is suitable for properties in Wales - but read the guidance notes carefully about the allowable fees.

    My property is in Scotland - can I use this form?

    The form has been drafted for use in England and Wales. It is not suitable for use in Scotland or elsewhere although it may be possible to adapt it - if so this must be done by a solicitor experienced in this work.

    Do I have any control ovet the pets allowed?

    The form will only grant permission for the pet specified in the form.

    What should I do if I don't get the email after purchase?

    Check your spam folder.  If it is not there contact us via our green button support service.