The main service provided on the Landlord Law services website is Landlord Law!  This is our membership site for landlords and letting agents.  Find out more about this from the topics and content types menus in the site header above.

However, we also offer a number of other services as follows:

One to one advice

Telephone advice from Anthony Gold Solicitors

Up to 1/2 hour telephone advice call with a solicitor.  This can either be for general landlord & tenant issues, or for problems regarding Houses in Multiple Occupation you can use the ‘HMO Hotline’.

Note that this service is not available for solicitors firms – but if you are a solicitor looking for advice, contact us as we may be able to arrange for a direct access advice call with a specialist housing barrister.

Forum Advice

If you are a Landlord Law member you can also ask ‘quick questions’ in our Members Forum area which Tessa Shepperson will normally answer for you.

Tessa’s ‘Blog Clinic’

There is also a ‘blog clinic’ service available via Tessa’s Landlord Law Blog.  The free ‘clinic’ is normally oversubscribed and you will have to wait several months (if indeed your question is answered at all).

However, there is also a paid ‘Fast Track’ service where Tessa will (if your question is suitable) give a response within 14 days.  You can read more about this here.

Note however that we CANNOT give free help and advice to people who email or call.  For one to one advice please use one of the services above.  Otherwise, take a look at the free content on this site or the visit   Landlord Law Blog.


This can be delivered either via a face to face workshop of you can buy one of our online training courses.

Plus we have a (business level) members monthly CPD service

Training details can be found here.

We can provide ‘in house training’ – find out more about this here.

There is also our Landlord Law Conference which will take place next on 17 May 2019.  You can book your place here.

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