The January training webinar will be on what to check when buying a buy-to-let property

December 4, 2018
Buying a property

With Dave Princep

Every month we have a Landlord Law Training webinar where I invite an expert to come and talk to us about a relevant landlord and tenant related topic.

Most Landlord Law members will remember Dave Princep’s interesting and very practical and useful webinars on Energy Efficiency last April and on radon, asbestos and Legionella in August (both available as recordings for Business level members).

Much of the Landlord Law content is on legal issues but it is good also to have these more practical issues covered.

So I have invited Dave to do a series of webinars for us which will take place over the course of next year on the checks you need to do at various stages in the life of a tenancy.

This first webinar will be looking at all the checks you need to make when you are contemplating buying a property to rent to tenants.  The talk outline is:

  • An introduction giving the applicable law in outline 
  • EPCs
  • The exterior of the property
  • Services and utilities, and 
  • The property layout

and the talk will include things such as disrepair, building types, the HHSRS hazards, car parking and those silent killers (to mention just a few of the items on the long bullet list Dave has given me).

The Landlord Law monthly training webinars are free to all Landlord Law members. 

If you are a member you will find a registration link on the member’s dashboard (on this site) and on the training page on the old Landlord Law site.

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