The Landlord Law Bank Holiday Bonus Bounty

We have a four day bank holiday coming up.  But do you really want to spend your time lounging around on the beach?

Or (as is more likely) stuck in a traffic jam trying to get there …

Wouldn’t you be better off doing a bit of self-improvement to help you become a better landlord?

Take advantage of our Bank Holiday Bonus Bounty with special prices off some of our most popular kits and training courses.

Or save even more by buying them all together of our Bonus Bounty Bundle Deal.  All prices are inclusive of VAT.

But note that these offers and discount codes will only last until 10.30 pm on Friday 3 June.  So if you want them – get them before then!

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The endThe Ending Tenancies Workshop Recordings

Watch my workshop (from Jauary 2022) on the various ways that tenancies end and learn what your rights are in this online video course.

You will also get my powerpoint and detailed notes.

Get 30% off with our Coupon Code 2V6EAVDG

Normal price £150.  Special price £90.

Possession Proceedings Training DayThe 2021 Possession Proceedings Training Day Recordings

These recordings are now part of Landlord Law (Business Level) Membership and are not normally available to non-members (so no information page).

Solicitor David Smith and Housing Barrister Robert Brown take you through the eviction process from start to finish.  Get access for 1 year.

Get 50% off the original price with Coupon Code AE4CGPRX.

The original price £228.  Bonus price £114.

The Property Access Kit

Find out how to deal with tenants who refuse to allow you access to carry out inspections and do repair work.

This is a chunky kit with detailed guidance on the law, including how to obtain an injunction with paperwork drafted by housing barrister Robert Brown.

You can also get it together with our Property Inspection Kit (normal price £60).

Get 40% off with our Coupon Code 8RWPGS7A

Normal price £240.  Special price £144.

Bundle Deal with Property Inspection Kit:

Normal Price £270 Special price £162

Helping Tenants in Arrears KitThe Helping Tenants in Arrears Kit

If your tenants are on their beam ends and unable to afford to pay their rent – why not help them source financial help with this special kit.  

It is not generally known that there are many charities and organisations which, if approached in the proper way, will pay grants to help tenants stay in their homes.

This offer is for the Plus Version of this Kit.

Get 30% off with our Coupon Code RMEENY6Z

Normal price £150.  Special price £105.


Rent to Rent Training

Don’t enter into a ‘rent to rent’ agreement without watching these recordings from our training day in 2020.

There is also a special rent to rent tenancy agreement that can be purchased at the same time.

When clicking buy now, scroll down to see the alternative option.

Get 30% off with our Coupon Code GGED3USE

Normal price £120.  Special price £60.

Special price with agreement £360

Bundle Deal

Get all five products and save a further 30% in our Bundle Deal

If you like the look of all of our training courses – why not buy all five and save a further 30% off the price!  Thats: 

A saving of £468 off the full prices
A saving of £81 off the discounted prices

You get access to all products for at least 12 months (further time may be granted on request).  See the individual sales pages for more information.

Bundle Deal Discount of a further 30%

Normal prices total £918.00

Total with discounts £531.00.  

Special Bonus Bounty Bundle Deal – £450

And Finally

Asm Madge-WyldBook a place at our Legal Update Workshop on 22 June 2022

With housing barrister Sam Madge Wyld. As a landlord, it is really important that you keep up to date with legal developments.  Otherwise, you may find that you are facing penalties!

Attend this special event remotely via Live Stream.  Get up to date AND get your questions answered.

20% discount code WFQM4TXV
£180 £144