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Landlord Law Membership

Landlord Law is our prime product and is the main reason why most people come to our site.  It was started in Novembr 2001 by solicitor Tessa Shepperson as a place where landlords and others in the Private Rented Sector could come to find reliable answers to legal issues on landlord and tenant law.

In those early days it was just an information site, but since then the content has expanded to include numerous documents (incuding our special ‘plain English’ style tenancy agreements), the eviction guide, videos and our monthly training webinars with outside experts (mostly baarristers or solicitors).

Landlord Law members are mostly landlords, but there are also many loyal letting agents, local authority staff and student accommodation offices (to name just a few).

As the site has been around for such a long time, we now have a huge amont of content.  Most members tend to stay with us long term and many have been with us for ten years or more.  Here are a few comments from our members:

“I have been a landlord for over 20 years and during that time Landlord Law has been the most wonderful lifeline. I especially appreciated the warnings of the changes to legislation. Without Landlord Law I would not have been aware. I am so grateful to you, and send you my heartiest thanks.  Geoffrey Browne, former landlord.

“The Landlord Law service is excellent, very easy and straight forward to use and gives people who don’t know where to start the confidence to become a landlord on their own”  Charlotte, London

“Landlord Law’s great documents, information and customer support have been a God send and helped put me on the right path when I started out as a novice landlord.  Thank you Landlord Law! ”  John Meades, Landlord

You can join Landlord Law either as an individual member or as a team.

Most Landlord Law members join on an individual membership basis.  There are two levels of membership:

  • Basic (which is cheaper with limited access), and
  • Business (which is more expensive but allows access to premium content such as the training and the eviction guide).

You can find out more about the different levels of membership here and the pages linked from there.

Join online here »

TeamIf you belong to an organisation where several people will be using Landlord Law, it will be more cost effective and convenient for you to purchase a team membership.

These range from our popular ‘duo’ memberships (suitable for husband and wife teams, and situations where a landlord and his secretary will both require access) to our Large Office Team membership where up to 10 people will be using the service (larger teams and ‘premium membership’ available on request).

The price per person decreases with the size of the team.  Another benefit is that where a staff member leaves your organisation their place can be allocated to another member of staff.  Whereas individual memberships are deemed to belong to the member, not their employer (so they can take them with them when they go).

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Landlord Law is a paid service.  However you can see some of our content for free:

We also give weekly access to various Landord Law content in our Weekly Bulletin

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Landlord Law Kits

Landlord Law Kits are detailed online guides on particular aspects of landlord law and practice.

Kit owners often get ‘lifetime access’ which means that you can access the kit during the lifetime of the Landlord Law Services website, although in areas where the law changes rapidly you may only get 12 months access – details will be given on the sales page.

Where lifetime access is granted we will generally update the kit when the law changes, although there is sometimes a short time lag until this is done.

All the kit content is accessed from the Landlord Law Services website although some specific items (such as forms) may be downloadable. 

The kits currently available are listed below:

Property Inspection KitThis is probably our most popular kit.  It gives detailed guidance on how to prepare for and deal with property inspections.

It is becoming increasingly important that landlords conduct regular inspections, to assure themselves (for example) that

  • No unauthorised occupiers are living at the property (which could make you liable under the HMO rules)
  • No illegal activity is being carried on – such as cannabis farming which can cause massive damage to properties, and
  • That there are no repair or other works which need to be carried out

The kit has step by step guidance, draft letters and forms to help you carry out this unpopular task easily and thoroughly.

Cost is from £40 although the kit is available free of charge to Landlord Law Business Level Members.

Click here to find out more »

If your tenants refuse to let you in to do repairs or carry out inspection visits – what can you do?

It is illegal to go in without your tenants consent and if you do this it could result in fines and penalties.

This kit has detailed guidance on what you need to do – including detailed draft forms for obtaining a County Court Injunction drafted by barrister Robert Brown.

This is a large and detailed kit.  The cost is £240 although you can also save by buying it as a ‘bundle deal’ with the Property Inspection Kit.

Note that due to the changes in Law in Wales from 1 December 2022 this course will not be suitable for Welsh landlords.

Click here to find out more »

When tenants fall into arrears, landlords often think eviction is the only option.  However in this kit we set out another, kinder option.  Helping tenants by sourcing grant and other aid which will allow them to remain in the property.

  • It’s better for landlords as you avoid expensive and long-winded court proceedings – and things can be sorted quickly often with you obtaining all your rent, and
  • It’s MUCH better for tenants who will be able to keep their home and won’t have their credit record destroyed which would make them hard to find anywhere else to live

This kit is a step by step guide taking you through the process with links to relevant websites and a lot of video help.

The cost is £120 or £150 with the documents.

Click here to find out more »

Changing TenantsThis kit deals with the situation where you rent to sharers who have all signed one tenancy agreement and where one of the tenants wants to move out while the others want to stay.

The kit explains the background law, looks at all the options available to you and has step by step guidance, along with draft letters to help you deal with this difficult situation.

The cost is £50, although note that this kit is available free of charge to all Landlord Law Members.

Note that due to the changes in Law in Wales from 1 December 2022 this course will not be suitable for Welsh landlords.

Click here to find out more »

Landlord InsuranceAlthough this is described as a course, it uses the same software as our Kits, so is a useful way to demonstrate our kit software.

It is also very important reading for all landlords as it explains how landlord insurance works – which is often counter-intuitive.

If you are a landlord you should read this course/kit (written in association with the staff at Alan Boswell Group) and make sure that YOUR insurance cover is as good as it can be.

Click here to view »

Landlord Law Training - Live Events

Throughout the year we run live training events.   This is in addition to the monthly training webinars which we run for our Landlord Law members only.

Most of our live events are our Workshops which delegates can attend ‘in-person’ or remotely via live-stream. 

This format has proved popular as some delegates prefer to attend in person and meet the trainer, whereas others are unable to travel to the venue or prefer to attend training events via the internet.

We also run other events from time to time, including online-only events.

For our other training courses see the training section below.

Landlord Law Training - recordings and online courses

We have a number of training courses available to Landlord Law members and non-members.  These fall into two categories  as follows:

  • Video courses – generally created from the recordings of our live workshops and other events, although we also sell some of our member’s training talks.
  • Online training courses – these a mostly text-based, but include video elements and are normally created using our specialist ‘Articulare’ course creation software.

Access to training is normally time-limited (as things change and the course material will inevitably get out of date).  Many of our training courses (but not all) included a CPD element.

The training courses currently available are listed below.

Note that there are many more courses available to Landlord Law members only which you can read about here.  Landlord Law members will also normally get an automatic discount off purchased courses if they are logged in at the time of purchase.

In-house training

Note that we also provide in house training to organisations such as Local Authorities and Housing Associations.  For information about this see our separate Easy Law Training website.

WorkshopThis is the recordings of Sam Madge Wyld’s workshop on 22 June 2022 along with the presentation and links.

Cost is £150 (£125 + VAT) with discounts for Landlord Law members.

Note that due to the changes in Law in Wales from 1 December 2022 this course will not be suitable for Welsh landlords.

Click here to find out more »

WorkshopThis is the recordings of Tessa Shepperson’s workshop on 3 March 2022 along with the detailed notes, the presentation and various bonus items.

Cost is £150 (£125 + VAT) with discounts for Landlord Law members.

Note that due to the changes in Law in Wales from 1 December 2022 this course will not be suitable for Welsh landlords.

Click here to find out more »

Every month we run a training webinar for our members.  Topics vary widely but they are mostly legal issues of importance to landlords or agents.  Speakers are usually specialist housing barristers or solicitors and the talks last for between one and one and a half hours.

Until now, the recordings were only available to our Business Level members.  However we are now making some of the talks available for sale.

Do not buy if you are a Landlord Law member!  If you are a business level member you can watch all the talks already here.  If you are a basic level member you can switch your membership if you want to watch the talks (you can switch it back down again later if you wish).

If you are not a  member, note that if you buy one of the talks and then join Landlord Law within 30 days we will refund the cost of the talk (although you will have to ask us, it does not happen automatically).

Click here to find out more »

Rent to Rent DayRent to rent is where a property owner rents his property to someone on the basis that they will be subletting it to tenants.

This is becoming more popular but it is important to realise that there are many pitfalls and often property owners and their ‘rent to rent’ tenant landlords have come to grief.  Frequently this is because the tenancy agreement to the intermediate ‘rent to renter’ has not been drafted properly.

This course consists of the recordings of a live event which took place in November 2020 where rent to rent was considered in detail, the pitfalls carefully explained and guidance given.

This event was in association with JMW Solicitors.

    There is also a special tenancy agreement which can be purchased either with the course material (the cheaper option) or separately later.  The agreement is ONLY available to those who also purchase the course.

    Cost is from £120 for the training only or £420 with the agreement. 

    Click here to find out more »

    Tenancy Agreement CourseThis is a very detailed online course looking at tenancy agreements.

    It is in seven parts which cover background law, different types of tenancy agreement, an in-depth look at most of the individual clauses used in tenancy agreements, and guidance on how to create, amend and revise your tenancy agreement.

    There are two versions:

    • The standard version – with just the course material, and
    • The +Plus version – with the course material plus various documents (which are available to Landlord Law members so members should get the standard version)

    The cost is £180 for the Standard version and £216 for the +Plus version.

    Note that due to the changes in Law in Wales from 1 1 December 2022 this course will not be suitable for Welsh landlords.

    Click here to find out more »

    HMOThis is a fairly basic but nevertheless very informative course on Houses in Multiple occupation.

    It is also a demonstration of a course created with our ‘articulate’ software – which is the software used to create the tenancy agreements course listed above.

    If you rent to sharers it is well worth taking a look at this free course.

    Click here for the course »

    Landlord Law eBooks

    All ebooks are in pdf format.  Some are also available in epub or Modi/kindle format.

    Once purchased they can be downloaded from the Landlord Law site.

    This little ebook aims to help landlords faced with the prospect of having to upgrade the energy rating of their property to C.  We look at what needs to be done and give information on grant and other aid (with links)

    The information is as at 31 January 2022.

    Cost is fairly minimal at £6.00.

    Click here to find out more »

    Foundations of Landlord and Tenant Law CoverThis ebook looks at the history of landlord and tenant law, from the Middle Ages through to today (in outline) and discusses the different types of tenancy law and tenancies that we have today.

    Note that the law is as at 30 January 2019.

    Cost is £15.

    Click here to find out more »

    This little ebook looks at different elements of renting property over 12 chapters.   Content ranges from the legal background to the eviction of tenants.

    Note that the law is as at 30 November 2018. 

    Cost is £15 although it can also be purchased at a discount when signing up to Landlord Law membership.

    Click here to find out more »

    25 Critical Issues for LandlordsThis little ebook is free to everyone who signs up to our mailings list.

    Signing up means that you will get our weekly Bulletin (which will keep you up to date) and mailings to let you know about our various special offers and events.

    You can unsubscribe at any time.

    Click here to find out more »

    Documents, clauses and forms

    We have a vast number of documents and forms as well as draft classes and letters.  However, most of these are only available to our Landlord Law members.  For membership information see the section at the top of this page here.

    There are however a few items which are sold separately which you can read about below.

    Rent to Rent DayMany of the problems with ‘rent to rent’ arrangements are down to inappropriate documentation.

    We have a special ‘rent to rent’ tenancy agreement which has been drafted by solicitor David Smith – originally for delegates of our Rent to Rent Training.  The agreement is now available as a stand alone product.

      Cost is £390 (£326 + VAT).

      Click here to find out more »

      Information about the agreement can be found on the.  training information page.

      Pets Form

      This is a pdf version of the Landlord Law members’ pets form – which is one of our most popular member documents.

      It is used to amend a tenancy agreement (any tenancy agreement, it does not have to be a Landlord Law one) to incorporate new clauses to protect your position as the landlord if you allow your tenant to keep a pet.

      The clauses include stipulations that the pet should be looked after properly and not left alone for long periods, provides for the pet to be vaccinated and microchipped where appropriate and requires the tenant to ensure that the animal doesn’t cause a nuisance to neighbours. 

      There is also a place for you to add your own clauses if you wish, there is provision for the fee allowed by the Tenant Fees Act (in England) and an increase in rent should you wish to change this (to take account of additional wear and teat) and the form comes with detailed guidance notes.

      Click here to find out more »

      Landlord Law members can download a lodger agreement but apart from this Landlord Law members do not have access to lodger related forms.

      However, these can be purchased from Tessa’s separate Your Law Store website where you will find lodger packs with all the documents you need, and other separate forms.  There is also a ‘Monday to Friday’ lodger agreement.

      Click here for the website »

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