Welcome to the Landlord Law Services News Blog

November 12, 2018


Welcome to the first post on the Landlord Law Services News Blog!

As you may or may not know, we already have a Landlord Law Blog.  This blog, however, is different.

Its purpose is to tell you what is happening at Landlord Law Services, and notify you of any new content on the site or new training events we are running.

And also, from time to time, to update you about new legal developments which will affect you as a landlord, or a letting agent, or someone involved in the private rented sector.

The news items will normally be fairly brief as the longer information articles and comment will appear on my Landlord Law Blog.

Perhaps I should also mention that the new Landlord Law Services will eventually replace most of our other current websites such as

  • The current Landlord Law site
  • The Easy Law Training site, and
  • The Legal Kits website

Which will make it a lot easier for you as everything will be in one place.  But at the time of writing this, we are still working on moving the content over.

Hopefully by the time you read this, most of the work will be done.