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There are many reasons why people join Landlord Law but it is usually connected to some sort of problem.

Check out the problems listed below and click to open and close the sections below – to see what services Landlord Law has which can help you.

This is every landlord’s nightmare.  How can you pay YOUR expenses if you are not getting in the rent?

We have a special section of the site designed to help you here.  It is called the Rent Arrears Action Plan and it contains:

  • Preliminary things you need to be considering, such as why your tenant may be withholding rent and looking to see if you are compliant with the various rules
  • Guidance on what you  need to do from the day after your tenant has failed to pay – with draft letters and checklists
  • Guidance on what you should do if rent has been unpaid for more than one month – with guidance on creating a schedule of arrears (with our self-calculating forms) and on possession notices.

Members will find the plan here

If your tenant still fails to pay despite your efforts, you may have no alternative but to bring possession proceedings.  See more on this below.

We have a great tenancy agreement service!

Our special ‘plain English’ style tenancy agreements are appreciated by both landlords and tenants alike – as they are so easy to understand.

Tenancy agreements are created via our onsite ‘Document Generator’ system which will allow you to adapt your tenancy to suit your specific circumstances.  For example

  • If your property is in Wales
  • If you are renting a room in a shared house
  • If your rent is paid weekly rather than monthly
  • If you pay some or all of the bills
  • If you are renting to a limited company
  • If you are a resident landlord
  • If the property is managed by an agent

There are also additional forms you can use if:

  • You want to allow your tenant to keep a pet (this is a very popular form)
  • You have agreed to allow your tenant to run a ‘home business’ at the property, and
  • If you are willing to let the tenants take in  a lodger

All of which have special clauses which will protect your position.

Then there are two types of guarantee deed plus a renewal form you can use if you do not want to issue a new tenancy agreement.

If your situation is slightly unusual – we can help you draft special clauses if you ask us in the member’s forum area.

It is not nice to have to evict your tenant but sometimes there is no alternative.  But how do you do this and how much will it cost?

Here at Landlord Law we have guidance on the whole procedure.

If you are unfamiliar with eviction work you may be best using solicitors.  We have a list of recommended solicitors offering fixed fees who can be instructed easily via our members’ instruction forms.

If there are any issues not covered by all this you can ask us ‘Quick Questions’ in the member’s forum.

Helping landlords with eviction of tenants is an important part of our service and we have saved our members many thousands of pounds in solicitors fees.

Many agents are wonderful but sadly others are not.

Quite a few landlords have come to Landlord Law desperate to know what to do about their terrible agents who often insist on expensive commission payments despite doing nothing – or worse, actively upsetting your tenants and causing trouble.

To help with this we have our Problem Letting Agents Guide.  This goes through all the things you need to consider when dealing with problem agents and provides help and guidance.

There is also quite a lot of other help in our ‘About Letting Agents’ topic where we look at letting agents’ legal obligations to landlords under agency law.

There are four different types of HMO but in a landlord and tenant context most people think of the type of HMO which requires a license from the  Council.

We have a huge amount of information and guidance for landlords managing HMOs.  You will see a complete list here.

Tessa can also answer any tricky questions that might arise in the Landlord Law Forum.

We have a huge amount of content on Landlord Law.  So the best thing is to have a look through the Topics or the A-Z index and see if there is anything specifically on your problem.

There often will be.

If you are stuck you can (if you are a member) ask a ‘Quick Question’ in our member’s forum.

Or if you need a bit more help, you may need to purchase some solicitor’s telephone advice.

Provided your problem is on a landlord and tenant related issue (short lets) we can probably help.

Our Landlord Law Checklists are what you need!

These are step by step guides telling you what you need to do at various stages of a tenancy.  With videos and links to other content on the site if you want to read more.

Use them as a reference guide and tick off each item as you complete it.  Then you won’t forget anything!

You have come to the right place.

Even if you don’t want to join Landlord Law, you can sign up to get our Free Weekly Bulletin which will keep you up to date with legal news.

We are constantly updating our content and adding new content for members.

Then we have our monthly Training Webinars which all members can attend.  These are then recorded and put online as a (Business Level only) video.

We also run regular (pay extra) training and have an annual Landlord Law Conference.

Many landlords have managed their properties themselves for many years with our help.  For example:

“I have been a landlord for over 20 years and during that time Landlord Law has been the most wonderful lifeline.

I especially appreciated the warnings of the changes to legislation.

Without Landlord Law I would not have been aware. I am so grateful to you, and send you my heartiest thanks.”

Geoffrey Browne, former landlord.

If you are thinking of joining Landlord Law but are not sure if we can help with YOUR problem – send us a message via the Green Button contact form which you will find bottom right on every page.

We will let you know whether your problem is something we can help with.

Or if you are a member – post a question on the members forum.

Seven Reasons to join Landlord Law Today:

(If you are not already a member!)

  1.  Empower yourself
    learn how to do things yourself rather than relying on expensive ‘experts’
  2.  Gain confidence
    through learning and understanding your legal rights and obligations
  3.  Content you can trust – Tessa Shepperson qualified as a solicitor in 1990 has specialised in landlord & tenant law for nearly 30 years
  4.  Get answers now! – no more desperate searching through the internet – content is organised by topic so you can find it quickly
  5.  Forms you can rely on – regularly updated and professionally drafted
  6.  Interactive – discuss your problems and request new content on the forums
  7.  Peace of mind – relax knowing that Landlord Law is there for you 24/7 …

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