Which version of Landlord Law is right for YOU?

QuestionThere are three versions of Landlord Law:

  • The Business Level and
  • The Basic Level
  • Teams

If you are thinking of joining Landlord Law – which one should you choose?

Basic Level

This is a cheaper and limited access version of the service aimed mainly at more experienced landlords who only want to use our tenancy agreements and other forms, and maybe look up a point from time to time in the FAQ.

Basic Level members get access to:

  • All the documents and forms
  • The FAQ
  • The Checklists (although some of the links out will not work for you if they go to Business Level content)
  • The articles and Real Life Stories and
  • The step by step trails
  • The ‘Legal Basics’ training courses
  • The Legal cases and
  • The Local Authority Directory, plus
  • The members forum

So, in essence, they only get the text-based content on the site.  Basic level members can also attend the monthly training webinars but won’t have access to the recordings.

Business Level

This is the ‘full’ Landlord Law and you will get access to all our content.  So in addition to all the Basic Level content, Business Level members will also get

  • Access to our video library – including the training webinar recordings and recordings of Conference talks going back to 2013
  • The monthly CPD – based on the previous month’s webinar
  • The DIY Eviction Guide – detailed instructions on how to obtain a standard possession order through the courts without having to use a solicitor
  • Houses in Multiple Occupation – law and practice – a detailed video course on managing HMO property  (with solicitor David Smith)
  • Selected online video courses – including the 2020 HMO Day recordings, Consumer Law course and the Leaseholder Landlord course
  • Do it yourself Kits – including our very popular Property Inspection Kit
  • More generous member discounts – for purchase of some of our products and services.
  • Free 1/2hour telephone advice call – all full price business level members can claim one free call with solicitor Tessa Shepperson per membership year.

More kits, courses and checklists are being developed and will be loaded up over time.

Business Level membership will be particularly helpful for new landlords and landlords who just have a few properties and want to self manage (although it is also the best membership type for letting agents).

However, Business Level is also very suitable for more experienced landlords.  For example, if you require CPD or need to evict a tenant using our Eviction Guide.  Plus our regular training webinars will keep you up to date.

Even experienced landlords can get caught out if they don’t keep up to date with legal changes!

switchingIf after joining you decide you have signed up to the wrong membership type, you can change at any time using our switching service.


Our teams’ membership is for businesses and situations where more than one person in an organisation will want to use our service.

All teams members will get a Business Level service but the cost per member is lower, quite dramatically lower for a large team.

Premium Membership – this is a type of team membership where you get extra benefits, in particular quarterly ‘one to one’ advice sessions with Tessa Shepperson and a private forum area.

For more about Teams see our Teams page

Seven reasons to join Landlord Law today:

(If you are not already a member!)

  1.  Empower yourself
    learn how to do things yourself rather than relying on expensive ‘experts’
  2.  Gain confidence
    through learning and understanding your legal rights and obligations
  3.  Content you can trust – Tessa Shepperson qualified as a solicitor in 1990 has specialised in landlord & tenant law for nearly 30 years
  4.  Get answers now! – no more desperate searching through the internet – content is organised by topic so you can find it quickly
  5.  Forms you can rely on – regularly updated and professionally drafted
  6.  Interactive – discuss your problems and request new content on the forums
  7.  Peace of mind – relax knowing that Landlord Law is there for you 24/7 …

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