A New Content Type – Real Life Stories

December 2, 2018
Real Life Stories

When reading about legal rules it is often useful to see how they work out in real life.

On the old Landlord Law site we had a few ‘horror stories’ which were all real (more or less) and which have been included as real life stories here.  However I felt we wanted something which was a bit more than just horror stories.  Sometimes its useful to know that something worked out well!

Hence the Real LIfe Stories.  If you are logged in as a member you will be able to see them all here.

So at the moment, we have real life stories there about:

  • Adjournments in possession possession proceedings
  • A lady who needed to evict a housing benefit tenant setting out how long it took us
  • Using a discretionary ground for possession
  • The landlord who pretended his tenancy was an AST when it was really an assured tenancy
  • As well as all the original ‘horror’ stories

As you will see the stories are mostly mine and are mostly about evicting tenants.  I wrote most of them when I was setting up the Eviction Guide on the site and kept thinking ‘Oh, that reminds me of such and such case’. Which would prompt me to go over to the Real Life Stories section and write it up.

However I very much hope that this section will grow with YOUR stories.  We have a form on all the Real Life Story pages for you to submit details of your own story – if you think it will help others.

We don’t promise to publish them all, mind you.  The story must illustrate a particular point of law and practice and be something that will help other people understand how that particular rule (or whatever) works in the real world. 

But I am sure that many people have suitable stories to tell for us to feature here.

I very much look forward to receiving your stories in due course!