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A to ZLandlord Law is a very large site and sometimes people struggle to find things.

So this page has an alphabetical list of terms you may be looking for and is another way to locate content, in addition to the existing drop-down indexes, the  topics and the checklists.  There is also a site search facility but you will probably find what you want quicker with the index.

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Topics and terms starting with A.

See here for all our content on Letting Agents

See here for a Legal Basics course on agency law

See the member training video here from Dave Princep on the three silent killers

Topics and terms starting with B.


There is also a betterment spreadsheet calculator which is linked from the FAQ above.

Topics and terms starting with C

Topics and terms starting with D.


There is a practice guide on the execution of deeds here.

Please see the content on the Property Condition topic page.

Topics and terms starting with F.

This is the system of rent control for ‘protected tenancies’ governed by the Rent Act 1977




Topics and terms starting with H.

If you are having problems using Landlord Law or finding things, we have an extensive help section here.

If that does not help, ask a question via the green button service.

For legal and other issues relating to your property ask a question in the members’ forum area.

See also the shared properties and HMOs topic page. For licensing see also our Local Authority Directory Articles: FAQ: Video: Legal cases: Blog Post Training Courses

Topics and terms starting with K.

Landlord Law Kits are special guides, some available to members, some not.  Below are blog posts which explain them and give links.

Blog Post

Topics and terms starting with L.

Topics and terms starting with M.

A ‘minor’ is someone under the age of 18.


Topics and terms starting with P.

This is normally taken as meaning tenancy deposit prescribed information but it can also refer to the governments How to Rent guide which appears under H in this index.



Legal cases:

Topics and terms starting with R.

Topics and terms starting with S.

Note that we do not have a deed of surrender, instead we have a letter which you will find in the Landlords Letters page.


Topics and terms starting with T.

See the tenancy agreements topic page.

If you want to create one of our tenancy agreements go here and scroll down. Make sure you are logged in first!

These are all located at the bottom of the tenancy agreements page.

Click here.

Topics and terms starting with W.

WalesWales is devolved to the Welsh Assembly.  The Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 is due to come into force on 1 December 2022 and will substantially amend housing law in Wales.  We hope to have updated most of our Welsh guidance by then.

In the meantime, items of content that just refer to Wales can be identified by the Welsh flag icon.

Please also see the Law in Wales special information page.

There is also a Wales legislation page here.


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