The Landlord Law Checklists

In order to help landlords, particularly new landlords, ensure that they do not miss out any essential steps when renting out and managing their properties, we have developed this series of detailed Checklists.  These consist of a list with drop-down areas where we give information about specific issues and links out to Landlord Law content and also information available on the internet.

Landlords (and letting agents) can use these as a reference when dealing with the various stages in managing rented property.  They are also a good way to help you locate suitable content on the Landlord Law site.

If you are a Basic Level member, you can view and use the checklists but you will not be able to follow all the links – as some will be to Business Level content.  Please contact us if you would like to upgrade so you can see the Business Level content.

The checklists have been built using our learning management software.  To view any of the checklists, click the ‘start’ button below or the menu links above.

If you have problems opening up the checklist sections, note that they may not work properly with very old computer internet software, such as Windows Explorer.  Try using Chrome or Firefox instead.