Training Services

As we as the Landlord Law content of articles, guides and documents, we also have a number of training courses.

Some of these are available to Landlord Law Members only.  Some are available to members and also available for sale.  Some are only available by purchase.  A few are no longer available but are listed for completeness.

If you are a Landlord Law Basic member and want to upgrade your membership you can do this easily for our switching service.

A full list of all the courses is below:

All members can attend a monthly training webinar.  Topics and speakers vary but are generally on a legal issue which is relevant to landlords.  Speakers are usually a specialist housing barrister or solicitor.  The webinars are recorded and are then available to view to all Business Level members.

Below is a list of all the webinars since 2018:

This workshop will take place on 3 March.  You can attend either in person (so long as places remain available) or via Live Stream.


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This is a special event which took place on 28 September 2021.


The Recordings are here (Business Level members only) »

This was a two-day event which took place on 11 and 12 May 2021.  The recordings and CPD questionnaire are now available for Conference Delegates only.


If you were a delegate you will find the recordings here »

This is a  detailed course dealing with all aspects of tenancy agreements.  It is only available by purchase (ie it is not part of Landlord Law membership)

The Course dashboard can be accessed here »

You can find out more and buy the course here »

Online training based on the recordings of our Rent to Rent day in November 2020, provided in association with JMW Solicitors. Featuring talks on various aspects of 'rent to rent.  A  special 'rent to rent' tenancy agreement is also available for purchase.

If you are signed up for the training the training page is here.  Otherwise

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This is an online event which took place on 19 August featuring talks on various aspects of law and practice relating to Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs).

The talks have now been made available to Landlord Law Business Level members.

Business Level Landlord Law members will find the talks here »

This is an important and substantial course which was developed and sold during 2019.  However, it is no longer available for sale and will need updating before it can be put on sale again.  We anticipate re-launching it in late 2021.

In 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was not possible to run a face to face conference and so the Landlord Law Conference was changed to an online event taking place over two days in May.  The recordings were then used to create a 'conference course'.  This is still available to buy but note that access will end after 30 December 2020.

The Conference Course can be accessed here »

The Conference Course can be purchased here »

The Conference Course is only available to Conference Delegates and those who have purchased the Course. It is not currently available to Landlord Law members as part of their membership entitlement.

This is a recording of a workshop with solicitor David Smith from March 2019.

Landlord Law Business Level members will find the course here »

It is not available to non-members or Basic Level members.

This is a course for landlords to help you understand how insurance 'works' and to give some guidance when choosing your insurance policy.  It was developed in association with Alan Boswell Group.  This course is free to view.

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Landlord Law is a legal information site, but to properly understand landlord and tenant law, landlords should have a basic understanding of general legal principles. To help we have a series of seven short courses.  The first six are on important legal topics.  The seventh, on agency law, is a bit more detailed and is included because so many landlords use letting agents (who are governed, although many may not realise it) by agency law.

The courses available are as follows:

Note that these courses are only available to Landlord Law members.

For seven years, between 2013 and 2019 we had an annual Landlord Law Conference.  All the talks were recorded (with the exception of 2016 where only a few recordings are available).


All the Conference talks have now been added to Landlord Law and can be viewed by Business Level Members along with the speakers' PowerPoint presentations and notes.


The Conference recordings are linked from here »


They are not available to non-members or 'Basic Level' members.

This is the recording of a training workshop with barrister Robert Brown which took place in October 2018.  It deals with the rules which apply to a landlord who is also a tenant him or herself under a long lease.

Landlord Law members will find the course here »

It is not available to non-members or Basic Level members.

This is a recording of a workshop taken by solicitor David Smith in 2015.  Although it is fairly old now, the principles and law discussed by David still apply and this is an important course.  Consumer law is little known and understood by landlords and agents but the penalties for non-compliance can be severe.

Landlord Law members will find the course here »

It is not available to non-members or Basic Level members.

Other training related services provided by Landlord Law include:

The Landlord Law CPD Service

Note that we offer a monthly CPD by multiple-choice questionnaire.  If you get 6 or more of the 10 questions correct you will earn 1 hour / one point CPD and also 10 Landlord Law points.