A new pet form

May 2, 2019

Dogs and feet

There is a lot of talk at the moment about how landlords are going to stop renting to tenants with pets due to the Tenant Fees Act – but we have just been asked by one of our members to amend our form to allow three pets!

So not all landlords, I am happy to say, are taking that approach.

With our new Document Generator system we can only have two alternatives – so we now have

  • One form where you can select whether you want to allow one or two pets, and
  • Another form which you can use if you want to allow three pets

If anyone wants to allow four pets, we can amend the second form to provide for this.  But I suspect there are very few landlords who will allow four pets.

I was surprised to get the request for a form for three!

Both forms include our Tenant Fees Act amendments (for use ONLY when using the form to amend an existing tenancy) which provide for the amendment fee of £50 to be charged and for you to increase the rent should you wish to do so, to take account of extra wear and tear.

Landlord Law members will find the pet forms on the Tenancy Agreement Additional Forms page.

Our #landlordlaw Pets Forms now provide for up to three pets

Not a Landlord Law member?  Find out more here.
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