A new Training Index Page

April 23, 2019

TrainingWith all the changes going on, training is a big part of the Landlord Law service.

We have

  • Our monthly webinars – and their recordings
  • The monthly CPD
  • Online video courses
  • The Legal Basic’s courses
  • Our Conferences – and the recordings
  • And so on

In fact, I am spending quite a lot of time developing new training courses and copying over our existing training courses from our old ‘Moodle’ site and setting them up here.

But the links to these places were all over the place and needed to be sorted out.

This I have now done.  We now have one training index page which has links to all the training sections.

We will also be announcing some more workshops which will be taking place in the Autumn and these will also be linked from the new training page.

Links to all the Landlord Law training services from one new page #landlordlaw

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