Business Level Membership Free Advice Call

This is a special service which is available to annual business level members paying the full price for their membership.  So it is not available to

  • Legacy members
  • Members buying membership with a discount coupon, or
  • Any other discount promotion for annual membership (unless specifically provided for in the promotion)

If you meet the criteria and qualify for the free advice call then note that the advice call is also subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The free advice call can be taken at any time during your membership period.
  2. You can either use our online meetings software of if you prefer to have a normal telephone call, you call us at the arranged time.
  3. You can claim one free call per membership year  which must be taken during the membership year.  If you fail to take your call during any one membership year your entitlement for that call will lapse.  The call entitlement will not ‘carry forward’ to the following year.
  4. The advice call will be with Tessa Shepperson and so will be subject to her availability.  For example if she is unwell or on holiday there may be a delay.
  5. Subject to this, Tessa will try to arrange the advice call to take place within five working days of receipt of your form.
  6. Note we reserve the right to allocate the call to any legally qualified employee we may employ in the future.  Should this happen these terms and conditions will be amended accordingly at that time.
  7. You can submit up to three documents with the advice form.  However these should not be too voluminous as otherwise it may reduce the amount of time Tessa can give on your call.
  8. The advice call will be for 30 minutes only.
  9. The call  may be recorded.
  10. The advice will be oral only.  No written confirmation of the advice will be given.  It is up to you to take notes (as discussed in the advice guide).
  11. This service is also subject to our general terms and conditions, for example as regards complaints and liability.

If you meet the criteria and qualify for the call and are happy with the conditions set out above, then click the button below to go to the application form.

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