Guidance notes for speakers at Landlord Law Training Webinars

Please read these notes well in advance of your webinar date

Tessa SheppersonThank you so much for agreeing to be a speaker at one of our Landlord Law training webinars or event!

These notes are to give you a bit of guidance on the procedure, the technology and what happens on the day. Don’t be alarmed at the length of these notes, it is not a complex process.  These notes are just to give you a bit of background information.


Landlord Law Member Training Webinars

We try to run a training webinar for Landlord Law members once a month.  They will usually be on a specific topic of residential landlord & tenant law and practice.  Often this will be something which is in the news or a new piece of legislation which is due to come into force soon.  Or it may be something which people find difficult or something we have been asked for.

The webinars normally last about 1 hour but can go on a bit longer, although not more than 1 1/2 hours at the most.  They will normally take place at 10.30 am on a day to suit you, although we can also do them at 7.30 pm if a morning webinar will be impossible for you.

Other webinars

We sometimes run other webinars.  If they are free webinars they tend to be for 30 minutes over the lunchtime.

There are also our Legal Cases webinars and other training which we may offer from time to time.

Online Events

We also run online events periodically – for example, our Landlord Law Conference.  These generally use the same software for the live talks so the notes here will apply to these online events also.

However, note that we will be using the ‘Big Marker’ webinar service together with our special Event Software (Hey Summit).

  • The Hey Summit system will set up the talks and send out the speaker notification emails with your login links.
  • But the talk itself will be delivered via the Big Market webinar system.

The two collaborate in a rather clever way!

Setting up the webinar

In order to set up the webinar (or your talk for our online event), I will need the following from you (if I do not already have them):

  • Your email address and
  • a digital picture of you.

The picture will go on the registration page and will also be used for promotion.  When I have set up the webinar or talk you will get an email from the system notifying you of this and giving your unique link to log in.

The system will re-send this to you again with a reminder, the day before the webinar and an hour before the webinar takes place.

Preparing for the webinar

We like all our trainers to provide a power point and, for some of our events some notes as well.  Can you please send these over to me in advance.

If you are going to be a speaker at one of our monthly webinars and would like to take a look at the recordings of past training webinars we have done to give you an idea, please let me know and I will arrange for a temporary login for the site for you.

In order to access the webinar on the day, you will need a computer with good internet access and a microphone and/or a headset or a telephone (landline).

So far as headsets are concerned, I  use an ordinary headset which I got from Amazon.  They are relatively inexpensive – you can get a decent one for under £20.  A headset is probably better than a mike as it cuts out most background noise.

However if your computer does not have a sound card, you can also use your landline phone for audio.

However can you please NOT use a mobile phone – as we find that mobile phones give poor quality sound and in the past, we have had complaints from listeners saying that they cannot hear.

As we record all the webinars, the sound quality is very important.

A trial run

The software we currently use for our webinars / online talks is called Big Marker.

It is not that well known and we find it is essential to have a practice webinar with our speakers – to give you a practice go at using the software.

Let me know when you would like to do this.  Most people opt for the day before.

I will set up a practice webinar for us for this – you will (again) be sent an email as a panellist.  You will be able to tell it is for a trial run as the title will include the words test or trial.

Once in the webinar room, we can talk and you can ask me any question you may have which have not been answered by these notes.

Please can the trial run be with the same computer and system you intend to use for the webinar broadcast.

Note that if you are doing the broadcast from your office there may be issues if your firm has a powerful firewall so we need to test the actual system in our trial, that you will be using on the day.  It may sometimes be better for you to do the webinar from your home computer if your office security measures interfere too much.

Technical requirements

The Big Marker system is browser-based so it is important to use an up to date internet browser.

When we have spoken to the Big Marker support in the past they have recommended an up to date version of Chrome or Firefox and a speed of 10mbps is recommended for optimal performance.  The system does not work well with Microsoft Edge and will probably not function at all with Internet Explorer.

You will find their system requirements here.

Note that they prefer presentations to be in pdf format but don’t worry about that as I can easily convert it if you send the powerpoint version to me.

More help

If you want some more information about the Big Marker system you will find
their help center here.

Find links to the Big Marker support pages

There is a video on using the webinar room  here.

You will find a demo here.

Preparing for the webinar

The webinars are fairly informal.  We will work through the PowerPoint or notes that you have prepared.

You need to make sure that you can be somewhere quiet on the day – if there is a lot of background noise this will interfere with the sound quality and may even mean that I am unable to use the recording, which would be a bit of a disaster.

You will also get better sound quality if you are in a room with carpet and curtains.  Radio broadcasters will often, when recording from home, do this from a cupboard under a duvet!  We do not ask for this!  However please can you avoid recording in a room with polished wood flooring and shiny walls.

On the day

You will already have the links from Big Marker but the system will generally send out another one an hour before the start time.

If this is an event being run through the Hey Summit system you should get emails from them 24 hours and 60 minutes before your webinar is due to take place.

I will need you to log in early – not later than 15 minutes before the talk is due to start.

Please do not be late in logging in as it is not unknown for problems to occur – even if we have had a test – and we will need time to sort these out.

We can then run through the things you are going to talk about and make sure everything is working properly.

Doing the webinar

Before the broadcast starts the attendees will start to log in but will be held in a waiting area and will not be able to hear us until the broadcast starts at the appointed time.  Although we will be able to talk to each other.

Please be careful what you click as it is not unknown for speakers to start the webinar early by mistake!  Whereas we want it to start at the appointed time – which it will do if left alone.

When the broadcast starts I will introduce you.  I will also explain to the listeners how they can ask questions, and occasionally we may do a quick poll, but I will normally then leave it to you to do your prepared talk.

Please, can you try to speak clearly and at the same volume throughout.  Some people tend to drop their voices sometimes when they speak, but this makes it difficult to hear and will impact on the quality of the recording.  Just speak normally.  Doing a webinar is very similar to being on the radio, if you have ever done radio.

Note that the webinar will be recorded so please do not say anything you would not want anyone to hear at a later date.  You should also be very careful about criticising anyone or any organisation by name.

There will normally be questions from listeners – I will normally monitor these and ask them at a suitable point in the webinar.  Although it may be an idea to stop every now and again to allow me to do this.

The webinar will be for a specific time and I prefer to close down shortly before this rather than be cut off by the system!  We will say goodbye to the attendees and I will then close down the webinar.

After the webinar

Once the webinar has closed down we will be thrown out too so if you want to discuss it you will need to give me a ring (01603 763096 and ask to be put through to me).  However please do not do this if we are running an event!  As I will need to be with the next speaker.

After the webinar or event, I will then arrange for the webinar to be loaded up either (for one of our training webinars) to the training section of Landlord Law along with any notes, and the PowerPoint, or (for an event talk) to any event website which delegates have access to.


We will often base CPD questionnaires on presentations.  Users will be able to download a CPD certificate if they get 60% answers correct.

It would be helpful if we could liaise with you about this and if you have any suggested questions this would be much appreciated.

And finally

If you have any questions which these notes have not answered, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you!

Tessa Shepperson