Guidance for Delegates on Accessing the Event Websites


Landlord Law virtual events are delivered via two websites:

  • The Delegates Information Page on the Landlord Law website
  • A special event website run by a company called ‘Hey Summit’ which is where you go to view the live talks on the day (28 September 2021)

After the event has taken place, the talk recordings will be moved to the Delegates Information page so you can view them more easily there.

Viewing the Live Talks:

The live talks are accessed via the Hey Summit event website but are actually recorded in separate ‘webinar’ software called ‘Big Marker’ which integrates with the Hey Summit system.

This sounds complex but from the users’ point of view, it is pretty easy.  Most people have no problem.  This guidance page will help.

Please read the guidance carefully. We would not wish you to miss any of the talks:

Some preliminary points:

1. There will be a lot of emails.

Hey Summit has standard ‘system’ emails which go out to you – as follows

  • An email after you have been imported into the system (which we will do in the run-up to the event) – headed ‘You’re in!
  • An email following on from this telling you which talks you have been registered for – headed ‘Here’s your schedule
  • A ‘see you soon’ email at 2.00 pm on the day before the event – headed ‘See you soon!’
  • A ‘daily digest’ email which will be sent out at the start of the day – headed ‘Your daily digest
  • An email 1 hour before each talk you have registered for – headed ‘We’re starting in under an hour!
  • Another email with a login link direct to the talk will be sent 10 minutes before it is due to start – headed ‘We’re starting now!

You should also get an email with a password you can use if for some reason the ‘magic links’ in the talks emails don’t work (for example if you want to use another device).

I know some people get fed up with lots of emails but I would ask that you please don’t unsubscribe as otherwise, you may miss some important information – including your direct login links to the talks.

2. We will import you into the Hey Summit website

If you are on our list of delegates you will be imported into the site a few days before the conference takes place.  You will then get the first of the emails listed above.

If you do not receive your email, please check your spam before contacting us for support.

3. If you have issues – please use the green button support system

Please note that we will ONLY be able to provide support via the green button service – you can see the green button at the bottom right on all Landlord Law pages (including this one).  Please do not

  • telephone – as our reception staff will not put you through
  • send us an email – as if we get time to deal with your email we will just ask you to use the green button service

Hopefully, these guidance notes will give you all you need to know.

We have guidance on using the green button support service here (it will open in a new window – please wait for the ‘tour’ to load).

Note that ticket sales for the event will close after 27 September 2021 at 10.30 pm.

The Delegates Information Page

Tickets for the conference are booked and paid for via our Landlord Law website shopping cart system.  When pay you will be given access to the Delegates Information page which has details about the event and various ‘bonus’ items.

The Delegates Information page is password protected – you will need to be logged into Landlord Law to view it.

You do not have to be a Landlord Law member to log in.  Landlord Law has many different password protected services.  The Landlord Law membership service is one.  The event delegates page is another.  The system will know which ones you can access by the email address you use to log in with.

Note that the site will log you out after a period of time so you will need to know your login to access the page again.  The login will be (1) the email address you used to pay for your ticket and (2) your password.  If you do not know or have forgotten your password click here to find out how to set a new one.

We will be loading up the speakers’ presentations to the delegates information page on the day.

After you have bought your ticket, you will then be ‘imported’ into the Hey Summit event system a few days before the event is due to start.  You will not be able to access the event site before then.

Accessing the (Hey Summit) Event Website

You can access the Event Website, after you have been imported into it, by clicking the links in the emails you receive from the Hey Summit system (you will know which ones they are as they have ‘Hey Summit’ at the bottom).

Following the links in the Hey Summit emails will log you in to the event website automatically.  You do not need to set a password.

As this is a paid event it would be appreciated if you could keep your emails with your links confidential.

Note that in some places it may say you are not logged in when you are.  We have no control over this, but so long as you have followed the link in the email you should be all right!

Passwords – the Hey Summit system does now support passwords and you may be sent an email with a password you can use.  You can use this, for example, if you want to watch the talks from a different device.  However, the easiest way is to click the links in the talks emails which should take you straight there without the need for a password.

Basically, just do what the system tells you!

Registering for the talks

When we import you in to the event website we will register you for all the talks.

You will then get an email from the system (one of the emails listed above) telling you which talks you are registered for.  You can also view the talks you are registered for from the ‘My Schedule’ page.

For example, see the screenshot below taken from our 2021 Conference event (you may need to scroll down a bit on the schedule page on the event website to see this)

As you can see, you can remove any of the talks from the schedule if you don’t want to watch them (this means you then won’t get the emails with the direct links) and you can add them to your calendar.

If for any reason you are not registered for the talks or you want to register again after having removed a talk – see the guidance which we have added at the bottom of the page here.

Watching the talks

The main Conference talks are live (although the sponsors’ videos are pre-recorded). But the main Conference talks actually take place and are recorded in our Big Marker webinar software.  

So long as you have registered for the talk – you should get an email with a link to take you to the Big Marker webinar room. 

Alternatively, about 4-5 minutes before the talk is due to start, you will see an image and a link to watch the talk at the top of the Event site (see the screenshot below – which is from our 2020 HMO Day).  Provided you have purchased a ticket and been imported,  you can also click these links to watch. 

You can log into the webinar up to 15 minutes before the talk is due to start.  The room will open at the appointed time and you will be imported into it, and the talk will start.

The speaker will be talking to a PowerPoint presentation – you will be able to download these from the Conference Delegates Page on the day. 

We do not normally use the webcams as we have found that these can cause bandwidth problems that interfere with the smooth delivery of the service.  So you will not be able to watch the speakers talking – sorry.

If you want to ask any questions – use the chat area you will find in the webinar room. 

Please can questions be short and snappy.  There will only be limited time for questions so we will not have time to consider (or indeed read out) detailed situations.  

If you have a burning question which is not answered by the speaker – make a note of it as you will have a chance to ask it in the Q&A session at the end of the day.

Watching the pre-recorded talks

Although the main talks are delivered live,  we also have pre-recorded sponsors videos.

They will start at the designated time and you will be able to watch them ‘live’ from the relevant Event talk page.  They will also be available as replays so you will be able to watch them later.  

The Q&A Session

In our traditional face to face events, people had the opportunity to go and talk to our speakers and ask them questions.

As this is not possible with a virtual event, we are instead providing a one hour Q&A session at the end of the day, for you to ask any questions you did not get time to ask during the live talks.

The Q&A session will work in the same way as the event talks – you will be sent an email with a link to follow – you will then be able to view the session and ask your question via the chat box in the webinar room.

We will answer as many questions as we can.  Again, please can your questions be short and snappy. 

If you have a complex situation – consider asking short questions on each of the different aspects of your problem.  These are far more likely to be answered.  

If your question is aimed at a particular speaker – please say this in your question.

We will answer as many questions as we can within the time allowed.  The Q&A session will end promptly at 5.00 pm.

Watching the replays

All of the Event talks will be available to watch as replays later both on the event website and also on the Delegates Information page.  

Note that they will not appear immediately.  The webinar software will take a bit of time to process the recording so it will not be available for a couple of hours, or maybe not until the following day.

However once this has been done, you will be able to watch the replay as often as you like from the relevant talk page on the Hey Summit site.  Or, once I have found time to do this, from the Delegates Information page.

You can find all the replays on the Event website via the ‘Replays’ link at the top of the pages.

The replays will be available for a period of six months.

And finally

I hope you will enjoy the Event and that it runs smoothly.

However, as always, we will really value your feedback.

We will be sending you a link to a Survey Monkey after the event is over and I hope you will complete this and let us know how you found it.

Thank you!

Tessa Shepperson and the Landlord Law Events Team.

PS If you want to find out more about the Hey Summit system we use click here.

Registering for the talks

As we now register all delegates for the talks, you probably won’t have to do this now (unlike earlier events) but we copy below the instructions just in case.

First, click the ‘Schedule’ link at the top of the screen.

You need to go through all the talks and select the ones you want to watch – but note that this is a two-part process.

1. You will see a list of all the talks in individual boxes – click the link in the box of the first talk you want to watch which says ‘Add to my schedule’.  See the image below:

Add to schedule

2. You will then go to a page which will look a bit like the image below (although the picture will be a headshot of the relevant speaker).  You MUST click the orange ‘add this talk to my schedule’ button or you will not be registered for the talk.

Add talk to schedule

The orange button will then be replaced with this:

Registered for talk

If you click the schedule link – which you will also find at the top of the Conference site – you will see all the talks you are signed up for.

Make sure you are registered for ALL the talks you want to attend live.