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Guidance for Delegates on Accessing the Event Websites


Landlord Law virtual events are delivered via two websites:

  • The Delegates Information Page on the Landlord Law website
  • A special event website run by a company called ‘Hey Summit’ which is where you went to view the live talks on the day (28 September 2021)

However, as the event has now taken place you should go to the delegates information page to view the recordings.


Note that we currently have an issue with the green button which is not showing when people are logged into the site.  Our IT people are working on it.

However hopefully these notes have all you need. If not you can email Tessa at  

The Delegates Information Page

This is where you should now to go view the recordings, speakers presentations and the various bonus items which are part of the training.

The Delegates Information page is password protected – you will need to be logged into Landlord Law to view it.

You do not have to be a Landlord Law member to log in.  Landlord Law has many different password protected services.  The Landlord Law membership service is one.  The event delegates page is another.  The system will know which ones you can access by the email address you use to log in with.

Note that the site will log you out after a period of time so you will need to know your login to access the page again.  The login will be (1) the email address you used to pay for your ticket and (2) your password.  If you do not know or have forgotten your password click here to find out how to set a new one.

If you find it hard to remember lots of passwords (and who doesn’t?) we recommend

And finally

I hope you will enjoyed the Event.

However, as always, we really value your feedback.

We have a Survey Monkey feedback form here which please complete to let us have your feedback.

Thank you!

Tessa Shepperson and the Landlord Law Events Team.

PS If you want to find out more about the Hey Summit system we use click here.