Are you struggling to find the RIGHT tenancy agreement for your situation?

Most companies just provide a few types of tenancy agreement – but these will not suit all situations.

What if your tenancy is different?

Or maybe you need more than one type of agreement? Or need to create lots of tenancy agreements?

Imagine having:

  • Unlimited tenancy agreements & landlord forms
  • A system where you can create different types of tenancy to reflect your sitution
  • The ability to put whatever fixed term you wish and specify how the rent is to be paid
  • The ability to add your own clauses to tenancy agreements (in a special section), and
  • Re-create new tenancies using the same information, and
  • Create tenancy agreement pdf forms you can download to your computer and email out to your tenants,
  • Special clauses to protect your position under the right to rent rules and the Tenant Fees Act 2019, plus
  • Lots of information on tenancy agreement law

This is what you get as standard, if you join Landlord Law (along with all our other services).

Tenancy Agreement Confusion

“I have used the Landlord Law website for around the past 6 years. I find the clear non jargon tenancy agreements very easy to use and my tenants also seem to like them due to their simplicity” 

Louise Solomon, Landlord

“My tenants were full of praise for the clear, readable language of your AST.” 

GM, Landlord

Here are some of the different types of tenancy you can create using our system:

  • A joint and several agreement where all tenants sign the same document or a tenancy agreement for a room in a shared house
  • A tenancy agreement which includes a guarantee clause – or if you prefer we have a separate guarantee deed you can use
  • An agreement where the tenant pays all the bills or an agreement where the landlord pays all or some of the bills (with a procedure to deals with tenants running up the bills maliciously)
  • Tenancy agreement where the rent is paid monthly or where the rent is paid weekly – or at other periods if you prefer
  • A tenancy suitable for a company let
  • A tenancy suitable for a resident landlord

We also have special forms you can use to:

  • Allow a tenant to keep one or more pets
  • Allow a tenant to run a home business or
  • Rent a room to a lodger

All with special clauses to protect your position!

Our tenancy agreements come as standard with Landlord Law membership

“I am so grateful to have found you and your website. It made me realise that the AST’s and other documentation I’d had drawn up for my company were inadequate despite paying a considerable sum to get them done.”  

Sandra Savaage-Fisher, QuaLETy Ltd, letting agent