New – the Landlord Law Points System

February 12, 2019

With our new Landlord Law website, we are able to do so much more than we could on the old site.  One new thing which I am very excited about is our new ‘points’ system.

What are points?

The points system is a sort of internal currency.  You earn points in various ways and can use them to exchange for various Landlord Law products and services.

So you will get points:

  • When you join Landlord Law and every time you renew your membership
  • When you take the monthly CPD test and pass
  • When you attend one of our paid training events

When the forum is online you will also get points when you

  • Complete your profile and
  • When you start a new thread or answer someone else’s posts

You will be able to see your points and how they were earned in your My Points Page’.

Using your points

So what can you use points for?

At the moment, not a lot but we will be adding more products and services over time for you.  For example

  • Our ebooks
  • The CPD service (if you are not a Business Level member)
  • Online training courses and kits

An example

James joins Landlord Law as a Business Level member and gets 160 points.  He gets a further 20 points by completing his forum profile.

For the next three months he earns 10 points per month by doing the monthly CPD (which he can access for free as a Business Level member) and by that time he has also earned 26 points from his forum posts.  Giving him a total of 236.

He decides to use these points by getting an ebook for 150 points, and saves the balance to use against one of the online courses due to be released later this year.

More about the points

Points cannot be used for everything.  They cannot be offset against the cost of Landlord Law membership as that is how we finance our service!

They also cannot be offset against the cost of live events such as the Conference or the workshops – as these are expensive events to run and we have to ensure we have sufficient funds to put them on.  

However, Landlord Law members will get automatic discounts for these events anyway as described here.

This is just the beginning

We will be adding new ways for you to earn points and new services and products for you to use them on in the coming months.

I hope that the points system will make the Landlord Law service more enjoyable and fun to use – although of course if all you want to do is just pop in from time to time and generate a tenancy agreement, that’s fine!

Your points will accumulate anyway and will be there for you should you decide to use them.

Be warned however that the points are conditional upon your Landlord Law membership.  If your membership lapses and you do not re-join within 42 days (six weeks) they will be lost forever and you won’t get them back if you re-join later.

You can find out more about points on the Points Information Page.

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