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February 27, 2019
ConsumerLaw 2015

Training has always been a big part of the Landlord Law service and in the past, we have sold various online training services under our Easy Law Training trading name.

About our existing online courses and kits

Most courses were (and still are for the moment) hosted on our ‘Moodle’ training site.

However, with the launch of this new Landlord Law Services website, we will be bringing the courses over here and eventually closing the Moodle site down.  The closure is scheduled for November 2019.

Note by the way that if you have bought one of our online training courses in the past, they are still there and will remain there until the Moodle site closes.  So, for the time being, you can use your login to access them.

In the meantime, those courses we want to save will be moved over here.  This process has now started.

We will also be moving over the Legal Kits although again if you have bought these in the past you can still access them at the Legal Kits website.  Your login for that site should still work, we have not changed anything there.

A bonus for Business Level members!

I am also pleased to announce that some of our online training will now be made available free of charge to our Business Level members.

To access them all you will need to do (if you are a logged in Business Level member) is go to the Member Courses page and click the start button of the course you want to view. 

To continue the course later, go back to that page and click the course button which will now say ‘continue’.

You will find the Member Courses page towards the bottom of the ‘Content Types’ drop down menu on the site header.

If you are a Basic Level member you will, I am afraid, have to upgrade if you want to view them.

The Consumer Law course

The first course which is being made available is our Consumer Law course which is based on a workshop delivered by solicitor David Smith in 2015.

As it is rather old and also as the sound quality is not brilliant (it was the very first workshop we recorded) it has been withdrawn from sale.

However, it is a really useful course.  Many landlords and agents think that consumer law does not apply to them – but it DOES!  It’s quite scary actually – the first time I watched the footage my hair stood on end and I rushed to change some of my procedures.

I would particularly recommend that letting agents watch this course.

You will find it – along with some ‘coming soon’ courses that I am still working on here.

Many landlords and agents think that consumer law does not apply to them - but it DOES! #landlordlaw

Not a Landlord Law member?  Find out more here.
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