Foundations of Landlord and Tenant Law


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This clear and easy to read eBook takes a look at the history and development of Landlord and Tenant Law, and explains many of the background legal rules.

Chapter headings are as follows:

  1. Where does law come from and where does it get its authority?
  2. Land Law, a bit of history, and the two estates in land
  3. Owning a property with other people – the rules
  4. A digression on equity and the Court of Chancery
  5. Its all in the contract
  6. Tenancies and how land law and contract law work together
  7. The six most important elements of a tenancy or lease
  8. Common law and statute
  9. Differentiating tenancies from business lets and long leases
  10. The basic rules of tenancies – before the codes
  11. Regulations on repairs and eviction rights
  12. The Rent Act 1977 in context
  13. Explaining the Housing Act 1988 48
  14. The social rented sector
  15. Regulations in housing law
  16. Summing it all up

The law is as at 30 January 2019.