The Property Access Kit - Guidance page

Here are some guidance notes to help you use our Property Access Kit (and also the Property Inspection Kit (further below) if you bought the bundle deal).

You need to be logged in

The kit is accessed via the Kit Dashboard page but you need to be logged in to see it.

Sometimes people assume that you must be a Landlord Law member to be able to log in – but that is not the case.  The Kit is a separate membership on the site.  You log in the same way as you would for Landlord Law membership:

  • You go to the login page
  • Your username is the email address you used to purchase
  • You would have created a password when you joined – if you have forgotten, use the ‘forgotten password’ link on the login page to get a new one (or see the guidance here).

If you are a Landlord Law member you will be taken to the member’s dashboard.  Otherwise, you will go to the My Purchases page.  If you can’t find the link to the Kit dashboard it is here.

If on clicking that link you get the page saying you don’t have access this means

  • You are not logged in properly
  • You bought the Kit with a different email address
  • You are not down in our system as having purchased the Kit at all
  • Or there may be a ‘caching issue’ – in which case follow the advice on this page.

If nothing helps, get in touch using the green button support service – you will see the green button on the bottom right of the screen.

Using the Kit

Once you have access – you will be able to view the various parts of the Kit from the links from the main Kit dashboard.

The Kit is an online kit and is in four separate sections.  You can access each of these via the coloured buttons on the page.

Below the buttons are brief summaries of the content for that page, and below that is a link to the pdf version.

The online version of the kit

The link will take you to a main page (it will open in a new tab or window) where you will find links to the different sections.  

Note that the software does not always work in the way that some people would like  – for example, when you are logged into the online version it will show which parts you have completed, but this is lost when you revisit it later

I am afraid there is not a lot we can do about this – the kit software is what it is! 

The pdf version

The software allows us to export a pdf version of the kit as well as the online version.  This is provided for those of you who prefer to read something printed rather than on screen.

Note however that you will need to visit the online version to watch any of the videos or follow the links to extra material (although you will be able to follow the links from the pdf onscreen).

Updates and the publication date

Publishing the kit software is rather like publishing a book.  The versions you see (both online and pdf) are exported and we then have to load the online version up to the internet.  

For this reason it is not easy to amend this kit (unlike some of our other products where we can just click in and amend) – to change anything we have to re-do the whole of that part, re-export it and load it up to the internet again.

This is why we give a ‘valid as at’ date at the start of each of the four parts.  If there are any legal changes after that date they will not be covered – although if there is an important change will will often make a note of it on the Kit dashboard.

The Property Inspection Kit

If you bought the ‘bundle deal’ you also have access to our Property Inspection Kit which you will find here.

But that link will only work if you are logged in (and our records show you have either purchased it or are a Business Level Landlord Law member).

The Plus documents are linked from the ‘How to use this kit’ section at the top.

The Property Inspection Kit (which is a lot shorter) is written in different software which is why it looks so different.


If you have problems logging in and using the Kit, you can always contact us via the Green Button Messenger service (look to your right – you will see the green button at the bottom of the screen).

We will always get back to you but it may be later if we are not in the office or are engaged in a meeting.  

However, if you leave your email we will get back to you.