Right to Rent Update – Certified Identity Service Providers

January 24, 2022

Right to RentThe Government this week has announced an update on how landlords can check a tenant’s right to rent.

This is the introduction of certified Identity Service Providers (IDSP) which will enable landlords to carry out digital eligibility checks on tenants who hold a British or Irish passport.

Certified Identity Service Providers

From the 6th April 2022, certified providers will be able to use technology to digitally check if a British or Irish citizen has a right to rent.

This will reduce the cost for landlords as well as the time involved for the letting process. It will also mean it is not necessary for prospective tenants to physically provide their passport or other documentation to landlords or agents.

The providers will be able to check a prospective tenant’s right to rent through digital copies of passports.

It is still the landlord’s responsibility to ensure the checks have been made.

A UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework

The Government is also in the process of developing proposals for new legislation to establish a UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework (UKDIATF).

This will regulate the ‘identity checkers’ so that there is a consistent and uniform approach.

And finally

Until the 6th of April, landlords must continue to use the existing guidance, which can be found here.

The minister for safe and legal migration, Kevin Foster, said:

Online checks make it quicker, easier and more secure for employers and landlords to carry out right to rent and right to work checks and stop those looking to abuse our immigration system.

Government Guidance on the new process and IDSP can be found here.

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