Team Membership

Why it is necessary for businesses

The normal Landlord Law membership is per person.  If Fred Smith joins as a member – so far as we are concerned, that membership belongs to him.  Even if it is paid for by his employer.

So if he leaves his employment he (or she) can carry on using that membership – which may have documents which have been created for your business and which you wish to retain access to.

The Teams membership overcomes this problem:  

  • The Business owner or someone senior in the organisation will join and set up the account.  They will be given a specific number of members (or ‘seats’) depending on the type of team membership purchased.
  • Once the team is set up – the Team Leader can then sign up the team members by allocating the seats.  The team member will then be able to use the site and will have full access to the Business Level membership content.
  • However, if that member of staff then leaves the firm – his team membership can be cancelled and his ‘seat’ allocated to the new member of staff
  • Also, membership is cheaper (considerably cheaper for larger teams) per person when you are in a team.

We have three levels of team:

  • The Duo – this is suitable for two people working together.  Say husband and wife or business owner and assistant.
  • Small Office Team – this is for up to five people including the Team Leader, and
  • Large Office Team – for up to ten people, including the Team Leader.

If you have a larger team we may be able to help but you will need to let us know what you want.

You need to be careful to choose the right size of team, as it is not possible, at the moment, to upgrade or downgrade your team membership.  

All team members will have:

  • Business Level access to the site content (ie access to all membership content)
  • Access to the main members’ forum
  • All information and other mailings which go out to members (unless they unsubscribe)

In addition:

  • All new teams are entitled to a free ‘Welcome’ seminar with Tessa Shepperson which will be conducted online.  This will introduce you to the Landlord Law service and your team can ask any questions about the service and any issues they may have.

If you require more ‘one to one’ see our Premium Team Membership below.

Premium Team Membership

Here in addition to the normal Team membership benefits, the team is entitled to:

  • A private team forum area – where they can discuss issues and ask questions to Tessa in confidence
  • Quarterly training or advice sessions conducted online (at times to be agreed) where teams can discuss legal issues and/or receive one to one training with Tessa Shepperson
  • One free place at one of our face to face training workshops – subject to availability.  
  • Free access to most of our training products and services.

Note that because of the amount of one to one advice provided, we can only offer a limited number of Premium Team memberships.

Feedback from one of our Premium Members:

Tessa's services have been invaluable to us as a business over the years, she is extremely knowledgeable and the confidence she gave us in speaking with our Landlord's was excellent. The ever changing legislations that have been bought into the industry have meant that with Tessa's advice we were able to tackle everything head on and with confidence. I would recommend Landlord Law to anyone in the industry.
Hannah Petford, Director of Operations
Letting Agent

For more information please complete the form below.  If you want to sign up now, click one of the orange buttons on this page.


The video above features two of our Premium Members discussing the service at our annual Conference.

Team Types and Prices

To join as a standard team, click the relevant join now button.

For Premium Team Membership please complete the form below.

Available Team Memberships

Duo Team Membership – 1 Team Leader and one Team Member only

  • Standard Duo – £450 (£375 + VAT)
  • Premium Duo – £2,700 (£2,250 + VAT)

Join as a standard Duo here »

Small  Office Team Membership – 1 Team Member + up to 4 Team Members (5 in total)

  • Standard – £750 (£625 + VAT)
  • Premium – £4,500 (£3,750 + VAT)

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Large Office Team Membership – 1 Team Leader + up to 9 Team Members (10 in total)

  • Standard – £1,200 (£1,000 + VAT)
  • Premium – £7,200 (£6,000 + VAT)

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For larger teams, and for the Premium Team membership – please enquire using the form on this page.