Tenancy Agreements, the Complete Course Guidance

Here are some guidance notes to help you use our Tenancy Agreements Course.

You need to be logged in

The course is accessed via the Course Dashboard page but you need to be logged in to see it.

Sometimes people assume that you must be a Landlord Law member to be able to log in but that is not the case.  The Tenancy Agreements course is a separate membership on the site.  You log in the same way as you would for Landlord Law membership:

  • You go to the login page
  • Your username is the email address you used to purchase
  • You would have created a password when you joined – if you have forgotten, use the ‘forgotten password’ link on the login page to get a new one (or see the guidance here).

If you are a Landlord Law member you will be taken to the member’s dashboard.  Otherwise, you will go to the My Purchases page.  If you can’t find the link to the tenancy agreements course dashboard it is here.

If on clicking that link you get the page saying you don’t have access this means

  • You are not logged in properly
  • You bought the course with a different email address
  • You are not down in our system as having purchased the course at all
  • Or there may be a ‘caching issue’ – in which case follow the advice on this page.

If nothing helps, get in touch using the green button support service – you will see the green button on the bottom right of the screen.

Using the course

Once you have access – you will be able to view the various parts of the course from the links from the main course dashboard.

The introduction link goes straight to the online course document, the other links take you to separate dashboard pages for parts 1 – 7.

Note that you do not get access to all the course at once.  For the first week, you will only be able to read the introduction and parts 1 – 3.

Parts 4 and 5 will become available the following week and then parts 6 and 7 the week after.

The various dashboard pages will give you links to the following:

  • The main online course.  This is where you will get your best experience of the course
  • A pdf version.  This will allow you to print off the course material text (if you prefer reading a paper version to viewing online)
  • Audio versions of the text.  This is so you can download them if you wish, so you can listen to them in your devices – for example, while driving your car.

The main online course includes:

  • An introduction and a number of separate lessons (the number varies)
  • An audio version linked from the top of the page so you can listen while you read
  • Various video clips embedded in the page and
  • ‘Check yourself’ questions at the end of most of the lessons.

Note that the software does not always work in the way that some people would like  – for example

  • When you are logged into the online version it will show which parts you have completed, but this is lost when you revisit it later
  • If you are listening to the audio version on the page, some people have complained that it is annoying to have to scroll up to stop it.

I am afraid there is not a lot we can do about this – the course software is what it is! 

However, insofar as the second point is concerned, you may prefer to listen to the audio versions linked from the page dashboard and have the audio open in a separate page or tab.  This will make it easier to pause it if needed.


If you have bought the +Plus version of the course, this will give you access to a number of documents.

These will be made available to you with the final parts of the course, Parts 6 and 7 in the third week.

The documents can be found on a separate Documents page here.

Most of the documents are created using our special ‘Document Generator’ system which is explained here.

The lodger agreement, however, is a standard pdf document with form fields.

Bonus Content

We are giving away a certain amount of bonus content with this course.  In particular the Legal Basics courses.

These are fairly straightforward and are there to give you a basic background to landlord and tenant law, to help you understand some of the general principles.

There are seven Legal Basics courses which you will find linked from this page.

The final course, the one on agency law, is a bit more detailed and has in the past been sold as a course in its own right (on a different website).

However, we are including it as it should be very useful to those of you who either are agents or use agents.

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