Landlord Law Rent to Rent Day 2020

Thank you for attending our 'Rent to Rent' Day

Tessa Shepperson

I hope you enjoyed it!

This is the last talk of the day.  However if you missed any or want to watch them again, the talks have all been recorded and you will be able to view the replays.

The replays should be available by tomorrow (and may go up later today).  You should get an email from the system with links tomorrow.  I will also be loading them up to the Delegates Rent to Rent page so you will be able to watch them again there.

We would love to have your feedback on the day – can you complete our feedback survey?  (You will also get sent a link in an email).

The Feedback Survey is here.

Thank you for supporting our event.

Tessa Shepperson and the Landlord Law Day Team

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