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Course speakers:

You can watch them all (and some bonus material) with our 2020 Conference Course:

Every year there seem to be more and more changes to the legal rules that landlords have to comply with – and this year landlords have also had to cope with the changes brought about by the Coronavirus pendemic.

The Landlord Law Conference

One of the casualties of the pandemic could have been our 2020 Landlord Law Conference – which we had planned to run as a traditional conference.  However, happily, we were able to convert it to a two day ‘virtual conference’, which took place on 12 and 13 May 2020, so this Conference Course has even more material than usual.

So lets take a look at the course and see what it includes:

The Course contains all the Conference talks

as follows:

Day 1 Talks

  • The Year in Review’ – an overview of the changes over the past year, from solicitor David Smith
  • Letting Agent Regulation‘- from the then ARLA Propertymark CEO David Cox
  • Current Eviction Issues‘ – from Paul Shamplina, founder of Landlord Action and star of Channel 5’s ‘Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords’
  • Landlords, rented properties and the climate crisis‘ – from Kelly Greer, Research Director, ACE Research
  • Landlords and discrimination law‘ – from housing barrister Sam Madge-Wyld
  • Representing Yourself at Court‘ – from housing barrister and Deputy District Judge Robert Brown
  • Day 1 Q&A Session

Day 2 Talks

  • The Future of Landlords and the PRS‘ – from Ben Beadle, CEO of the National Residential Landlords Association
  • The New Fitness for Habitation Rules‘ from Housing Barrister Brooke Lyne
  • Human Rights and Rented Property‘ with housing barrister Justin Bates
  • Deposits Evidence and Disputes‘ with My Deposits’ Legal Operations Manager James Dempsey
  • Rent Repayment Orders & Financial Penalties‘ with solicitor Robin Stewart
  • Problems with Subletting‘ with solicitor David Smith
  • Day 2 Q&A Session

Other Content

The course also contains various bonus and other items listed below.

Audios Version

We also have a separate version of the course where you also get audios for each of the Conference Talks.  This version is slightly more expensive (see more about pricing below)

This special offer will expire, and the course will be withdrawn from sale, at 10.30 pm on 31 January 2021 - or in


Lets take a closer look at the Conference talks and speakers:

We have eight clips from our training videos to give you an idea of what is in store. 

The Year in Review

This is a talk we have every year which looks at all the changes over the past year.

In 2020 the speaker was solicitor David Smith – a partner at JMW Solicitors.

Find out more about his talk in the video clip:

Letting Agent Regulation

David CoxThis was a talk with the then ARLA Propertymark CEO David Cox.

David was talking about the ROPA report which is about the professionalisation of the lettings industry by bringing in mandatory training and qualifications.

Find out more about his talk in the video clip:

Eviction Issues

Paul ShamplinaThis was a talk with Landlord Action Founder Paul Shamplina. 

In this talk Paul, who is the start of Channel 5’s Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords discusses how landlords can protect their position.

Find out more about his talk in the video clip:

Landlords, Rented Properties and the Climate Crisis

Kelly GreetIn view of the impending climate emergency it is important that we had a talk looking at this. 

Kelly discusses the steps that landlrods can take and looks also a funding issues.

Find out more about his talk in the video clip:  

A brave new world for landlords?

Ben BeadleBen Beadle is, the new CEO of the newly merged RLA and NLA creating the snappily (but inevitably) named National Residential
Landlords Association (NRLA).

Ben talks about his vision for the Association and the future of landlords generally.

Find out more in this clip:

Discrimination in the Private Rented Sector

Here housing barrister Sam Madge Wyld explains how landlords can be guiltly of discrimination without realising it, and gives guidance.

Find out more about his talk in the video clip:  

The new Fitness for Habitation Rules

Brooke Lyne

These rules now apply to virtually all tenancies. In this talk Brooke Lyne explains the act, what ‘fitness for habitation’ actually means, and how the act works in practice.

Find out more about her talk in the video clip:  

Problems with Subletting

Our final clip is another David Smith clip where he is talking about a problem that worries many landlords – that of subletting.

David discusses various apsects of subletting, from lodgers and authorised subtenants to the big problems people experience with unauthorised sublets.

Find out more about the talk in the video clip:  

Helping you stay compliant:

Problems that may arise if you do not comply with your legal obligations include

Claims by tenants, either for compensation or by way of a defence to possession proceedings which may delay the eviction of non paying tenants

Penalties levied by Local Authorities under their new powers – which can be very expensive. Or they may decide to prosectute. 

Claims for Rent Repayment Orders, which can be made by both tenants and Local Authorities in the First Tier Tribunal, which can be for up to 12 months worth of rent.

How the Landlord Law Conference Course can help:

Learn the easy way:

  • All speakers are either qualified lawyers or experienced trainers
  • Topics are explained clearly and in plain English
  • Speakers are interesting to listen to and often amusing
  • Talks are 45 minutes each including quesions – not too long and not too short!

Get all the course material:

  • Detailed speakers notes
  • Powerpoint pdfs
  • Not to mention the film footage itself!
  • Get the Conference Course Extra version for all the talk audios

Share it with your team:

  • Encourage all staff to watch the training
  • Use them as a basis for discussion at team meetings
  • Use the course for new staff inductions

Bonus items

You will also receive the following as part of the Conference Course:

Bonus Videos from April 2020:

  • Dave Princpe’s talk on the new Electricity Regulations
  • Two talks from barrister and Deputy District Judge Robert Brown on ‘dealing with lettings during the pandemic’

There are also the following sponsors videos:

  • Ome – the new alternative deposit service from Hamilton Fraser
  • Landlord Law – the company behind the conference
  • The NRLA – find out about the biggest national landlords association in the country and how it can help you
  • Hammock – an innovative new current account for landlords
  • Hamilton Fraser – some advice for landlords on insurance issues

Plus there are some interviews with some of the speakers which you may find interesting.

    Six ways this course will make your life easier


    The course website is fully mobile friendly so you can watch the course videos on any device - including your smart phone!


    Watch the course material in the office or at home, while travelling, or while standing in a queue!  Don't waste those idle moments ...

    A permanent record

    Print out the course notes and power point pdfs - they are yours to keep, along with (if you get the Extra version) the mp3 files, all of which can be downloaded to your computer

    Staff training

    The Conference and Bonus videos are ideal for staff training and for new staff inductions.  Or why not present them to your whole team?


    You can claim 5 hours CPD via multiple-choice questionnaire. (NB This will be loaded up later)

    Peace of mind

    Relax knowing that - so long as you have watched all the videos, you are fully up to date with changes in the law.

    For the moment ...

    Mobile Friendly website

    All our content is hosted on a mobile responsive website, which allows you to read and study the course easily, and watch the videos on most devices, including smart-phones and tablets.

    The course can easily be accessed, for example on your smart-phone, while travelling or waiting in a queue.

    Be aware that the course is wholly electronic. Nothing is sent out by post.

    Our guarantee to you

    If you find the course is unsuitable for you or are unhappy for any reason and wish to cancel – all you need to do is email us requesting a cancellation not later than 30 days after purchase, giving your reason why.

    We will then cancel your purchase (and your access) and refund your money within 14 days.

    Your questions answered:

    Q: How soon do I get access to the course material?
    A: You should get immediate access. After purchase, you will be re-directed to a thank you page which will contain a link to the course.

    Q: What if I can’t access the course or if it does not work on my computer?
    A: It should do, this is a standard WordPress website.  However, if you have a problem contact us via our Contact page.  If the problem cannot be resolved, you can claim your money back under our guarantee.

    Q: I am based in  Wales, is the course suitable for me?
    A: Some of the content will be suitable but note that many of the changes discussed, such as the electricity regulations do not apply in Wales.  The course is aimed more at an English audience but much of it will be relevant for you.

    Q: I am based in Scotland, is the course suitable for me?
    A: No,  Scotland has a different legal system, as does Northern Ireland.  The course is only really suitable for landlords and agents managing property in England (and maybe Wales)  UK and for their advisers.

    Q: How long do I get access?
    A: You will get access to the course until 30 April 2021.

    Q: Are there any special discounts?
    A: The course is currently at a heavily discounted price so there are no further discounts (although Landlord Law members can use their points).

    Q: I am a Landlord Law member – do I need the course?
    A: If you want to watch the conference course videos, yes. You will already have access to the Dave Princep video though.

    Q: I am an NRLA member – how do I log in to view the course?
    A: You can’t use your NRLA login as this is not the NRLA website.  You will have set up a password when you buy the course and use this to log in.  But if you forget, it is easy to change – there is a help page linked from the login page.

    Q: Does the course include CPD?
    A: Yes you can earn 5 hours CPD (and download your CPD certificate) by passing a multiple choice questionnaire. 

    Q: Can I ask questions?
    A: The course does not include any ‘one to one’ advice element. However, if you are a Landlord Law member you will be able to ask Tessa questions via the Landlord Law members’ forum.  If you are a NRLA member you will be able to use the NRLA advice service.

    Q: I prefer not to pay online – can I pay by BACS or cheque?
    A: No.  We only accept payment via our online system.  However, you can elect to pay by either credit / debit card or pay pal.

    Q: If I get the version without the audios can I upgrade later?
    A: Yes, if you want to do this – contact us via the green button service.  You will need to pay the difference in price plus a £15 admin fee.

    How to buy the Conference Course

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    Both versions of the Conference Course Include:

    • All twelve of the recorded Conference talks plus the two Question Time sessions
    • The Conference Handbook with all the speakers’ notes
    • PDF versions of the speakers’ powerpoint presentations
    • Bonus content
    • 5 hours CPD by multiple-choice questionnaire (to be loaded up later)
    • 30 days money back guarnatee

    The Landlord Law Conference Extra version also includes:

    • Mp3 audio versions of the talks and Question Time sessions for you to download and listen to on your devices

    Please now select one of the options below:

    Conference Course - Basic Version

    The Conference Course - Basic Version - all the videos and bonus material + 5 hours CPD

    £150 (£125 + VAT)

    £35 (£29.17 + VAT)

    Conference Course - Extra Version

    The Conference Course - Extra Version - includes mp3 audios of the conference talks

    £180 (£150 + VAT)

    £50 (£41.67 + VAT)

    Feedback from our 2020 Virtual Conference Delegates:

    "I feel this conference is worth every penny for someone wanting to further their knowledge of being a landlord or agent in terms of practically applying the knowledge and understanding the legal minefield that the sector can be at times"
    Dan Cumming
    "Well done on providing a very useful online Conference this year at short notice! The speakers were excellent, the technology worked well and it was very convenient."
    Lee Martin
    Letting Agent
    "Love this conference! Even though I am not a landlord I don't feel out of place or uncomfortable. I really enjoyed the Virtual Conference and would definitely welcome it again. Even out of lockdown I'll request to work at home to 'particpate'. Speakers from the sector are at the top of their game. Well put together Tessa in such a short turnaround"
    Ruth Gibson
    Newcastle University Students Union
    "As we live in N Devon this was an ideal way for us both to enjoy a conference albeit a virtual one without the need for major arrangements here at home. Very good value, a real no brainer. Has been so enjoyable, relaxing, and, of course, such good value, and has been useful to visit parts later on."
    "The Landlord Law conference is an indispensible round up of all the new legislation, regulations and best practices over the previous year."
    Neil Patterson
    Property 118
    "I was dubious about taking part in a virtual conference beforehand but I really enjoyed it and found I concentrated much better in the comfort of my own home. The content and subject matter were spot on for our business and all the speakers were very good."
    Anna Eckert
    Property Manager