Landlord Law Summer Bundle

Summer Sale

Thank you for buying our special Landlord Law Summer Bundle 2021. 

This allows you access to the following (click the links to  view the pages):

Access issues

We recommend that you bookmark this page so you can access your course material easily.

You will need to be logged into the Landlord Law site for the links above to work.  You can log in here.  Your username will be the email address you used when purchasing the Summer Bundle.

If you have problems, note that sometimes people make errors when inputting their email address during purchase.  So check with us as if this is the case it is something we can correct for you.

Further access

If after 12 months you still require access to any of the training courses, contact us via the green button support system, giving your name and the email address used to purchase, and ask for your access to be extended.

We will normally agree to this for a limited period, to allow you time to complete the training.


For support please use the green button support service.  Click here for a quick guide (the link will open in a new tab, you may need to wait for the information popups to load).

And finally

We hope you enjoy the training and that the kit is useful for you.

Tessa Shepperson and the Landlord Law Team