The Property Inspection Kit

May 14, 2019

Property Inspection KitSome of you may remember that back in August last year I published a ‘beta’ version of my Property Inspection Kit – a step by step guide to help landlords (and agents) carry out inspections of rented properties.

The kit proved more popular than I expected and we sold quite a few before the beta version was withdrawn to allow me to look at the feedback and produce a final version.

Back then I rather optimistically thought I would be able to do this within a few weeks.  However, I then got taken up with the development of the new Landlord Law site.  So the Property Inspection Kit had to take a back seat.

Developing the final version

When I was finally able to get back to the Kit, this was not only to update it but also to move it over to the new Landlord Law site – as we are trying to bring all our content over so it is in one place.

Checking the feedback turned out to be a long job as there were a staggering number of feedback forms submitted.

The information provided proved invaluable and I am very grateful to everyone.

The feedback allowed me to expand on the information provided and it was really helpful to learn about your experiences and the issues you discovered on your inspections!  Many of which are now included in the kit text, to help others.

What the feedback told me

I suppose the main message that came through when reading all the forms, was that most people were not doing anything like enough inspections.

77% of respondents confirmed that the kit had changed their views on property inspections.

Time after time I read entries saying that in the past they had only done a few cursory inspections a year but that they were now going to change this and do more frequent and more detailed inspections and keep proper records.

Which is very necessary.

Why inspections are critical

Unless you know your tenants well and really, really trust them, it is dangerous to allow long periods of time between inspections visits.

For example:

  • The tenants may take in an unauthorised lodger – which could turn your property into an unlicensed HMO.  Making you vulnerable to penalties and fines.
  • The tenants may have caused damage to the property which will get worse and more expensive to remedy if it is not dealt with promptly
  • The tenants may be using part or all of the property as a cannabis farm (which is much more common than most people realise).  This can cause extensive damage to the structure of the property.  However even if you have the right insurance, your insurers are unlikely to pay up if you have failed to carry out proper inspections which would have shown that this was happening.

More reasons are set out in the kit.

How to get the kit

Business Level Members

The kit has now been added to the Landlord Law Business Level membership content – so if you are a Business Level member you will be able to see it now here.

It is linked from the Courses, Kits and Training Index page on the Content Types drop-down menu.

People who gave feedback

If you gave feedback on the Beta version, you will be granted ‘lifetime’ access to the kit (which means you can access the kit for the lifetime of this website).

We will be doing the admin to give you all access and then writing to you giving access details – but it will take a few weeks as there were a lot of you.  Please be patient with us.

You will still have access to the Beta version on the Legal Kits site in the meantime.

If you are also a Business Level member you can access the Kit now anyway, but note that once we have given you the lifetime access, you will still be able to use the Kit, even if you cancel your Landlord Law membership.

Available in the shop

If you did not give feedback on the Beta version and are not a Business Level member, you can still get access to the kit buy buying it via our new Landlord Law Shop (which I will be writing about separately).

You will be able to find out all about it from our sales page here.

Note that if you are a Landlord Law member (e.g. a Basic Level member) you will be able to use your points towards the purchase price.

The Plus version

There are two versions of the kit.

  • The standard version and
  • A plus version which had extra documents.

The plus documents are linked from the Introduction section of the kit.

But note that if you are buying the Kit, you won’t need it if you are a Landlord Law Basic Level member as the documents are already included as part of your membership.

The #landlordlaw Property Inspection Kit - 77% of users said it changed the way they viewed inspections forever

Not a Landlord Law member?  Find out more here.
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