HMO Law & Practice Workshop 2022 - Recodings

Course Materials for the workshop

Below are links for you to download the workshop materials.

The workshop took place on 27 April 2022.

Watch the workshop recordings:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Membership offer

Some of you asked if there could be a membership offer for workshop delegates.  I have now set up a coupon code JKQQRNFA which you can use to get a 30% discount off your first payment for the annual Business Level membership (this is the best membership as it get you access to all our services including the eviction guide).

The normal annual price is £300 (inclusive of VAT).  With the coupon, you will pay £210 (a discount before VAT of £75).

If you decide after looking at the site that it is not for you, we have a 30 moneyback guarantee.

Click here to get the annual business level membership (the coupon will not work on our other membership types).  The coupon code will expire after 13 May.

To find out more about membership generally, we the pages linked from our Home Page.

Telephone Advice from David

David’s firm, JMW Solicitors, is on our panel for our Telephone Advice Service.

If you would like David to provide your telephone advice, select the JMW Solicitors option and then on the instruction form, say that you would like to speak to David Smith personally if possible.  Note that if he is not immediately available or on holiday, this may mean that you have to wait a bit longer to speak to him.