A list of Statutory Instruments

June 21, 2021

Legislation UKLast month we published a new legislation page.  Setting out most of the main landlord and tenant-related acts of Parliament which you might want to refer to.

The trouble is, much of our law is not in the main statutes.  Increasingly nowadays government are passing acts which set out the outline of a new policy but the nuts and bolts of how the new law will operate will be set out in secondary legislation – the statutory instruments (SIs).  Which may be published several years after the act was passed.

For example, the Housing Health and Safety Rating System was set up by the Housing Act 2004 but did not come into force until April 2006 after the regulations had been passed.

This is in many ways a troubling development as it is the regulations that provide for how a new rule will actually work out in practice.  And with all new laws, ‘the devil is in the detail’.

Often the regulations will have been hammered out after extensive consultation with relevant organisations (such as the National Residential Landlords Association and Arla Propertymark) but on the whole they tend not to have the level of scrutiny that the main acts do – certainly not by MPs.

However, so far as you are concerned, they are really important.  Hence our Statutory Instruments page where we list the main SI’s which we have found so far.

This page is a work in progress as sometimes SIs are hard to find – so we will be adding to this page when we come across new ISs – so we don’t ‘lose’ them again!

Feel free to let us know about any we may have missed via the green button service.

Like the accompanying legislation page, this is a members only service.  Members will find it here.

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