A new A – Z index to help you find content.

December 11, 2020

A to ZLandlord Law is a huge site.  We have an awful lot of content.  Although that is good (as there will normally be some content or document to help you) there is one problem – people sometimes struggle to find stuff.

We do have things to help:

Ways to find content

  • We have our topics pages where you can find all content on particular issues (eg tenancy agreements or the property condition).
  • We have the content types lists where you can find lists of all FAQ, all articles, all videos etc.
  • We have our drop-down menus from the site header where you can find content via topic or content type
  • We have the checklists where you can find our content in the context of the lifetime of a tenancy, and
  • There is a search box you can use.

However even so I still get complaints sometimes from members telling me that they can’t find anything.

So I decided we ought to have something else.  Maybe an A-Z of content would help people?

So I have spent much of the past week labouring over this.  It is based on the existing WordPress tagging system (for anyone interested).  However, as much of the content was not or still is not tagged, the page is still incomplete.

We do though at least have terms from all letters of the alphabet online now, so the page should allow you to find something on most topics.  It’s a long page!

How to use the page

The index page is very easy to use.  Go here and then click on the letter of the topic or term you want to search against.  For example G for Gas or M or Mediation.

If you can’t find the term you are looking for, think of any other terms that might be relevant and try that.

The index page is also a good way just to browse through the site content.

One of the advantages of displaying content like this is that you will be able to see legal cases which are specifically on, for example, pets or prescribed information.  Which may help to introduce you to the various case reports which we have.  Incidentally one of our projects this year is to bring these up to date.

If there is anything missing

Please let me know!  You can always send me a message via the green support button service (see the button at the bottom right of the screen).

I will then try to see what I can do.

Enjoy the page!  You will find it here.

A new Index page to help you find content on #landlordlaw

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