A new Landlord Law article on the history, law and some practical guidance on legionella

July 13, 2022

legionnaires diseaseLegionella or legionnaires disease is a rather nasty infection which comes from inhaling droplets of water which contain the legionella bacteria.  

Where water is moving through the system through being used daily it is unlikely to occur, as it generally develops in standing water at temperatures between 20 and 45 degrees. 

However, landlords do now have the obligation to check for and take action to avoid legionella as one of their statutory duties.

Some landlords are blissfully unaware of this, others find it concerning.  All need to take proper precautions however and do regular checks.

We have long had a short but informative FAQ here.  However, I have now loaded up a much longer and more informative article which was partly written by Dave Princep.

Most people won’t need the detail provided in the article or to read the technical guidance which is linked from it.

However, I know some landlords are concerned about legionella and will appreciate the extra information provided.  For example, the article discusses

  • The history of the disease
  • The bacteria
  • People at risk and signs and symptoms of the disease
  • Diagnosis and treatment
  • Transmission and how it can grow and spread in buildings
  • Legal issues
  • Practical guidance, and
  • Risk assessments

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