A redesign for the Landlord Law Shop

May 23, 2021

Landlord Law ShopLandlord Law membership is not the only thing you can buy on this site.  We also have

  • Kits
  • Training courses, and
  • Ebooks

However I was unhappy with our old shop page which did not have everything on it and was hard to navigate.

I have finally got around to doing a redesign – so this is one place where you can now buy everything we have on offer.

So what do we have for you?  Apart from Landlord Law membership?

Landlord Law Kits

These are guides to help you deal with. specific issues.  The most popular kit is our Property Inspection Kit which is a guide to the unpopular task of carrying out inspections.  So necessary but disliked by both landlords and their tenants.

However our kit makes it far easier – in our survey of purchasers  77% said the kit had changed their views on inspections and how they would carry them out in future.

Some of our kits are avaiilable to Landlord Law members – the Property Inspection Kit is available to Business Level members – and others are only available by purchase.

Landlord Law Training

Over the years we have sold many traning courses but most of them are now unavailable as the legal content has become gradually out of date and unreliable.

The main two courses available now for purchase are our Complete Tenancy Agreements Course and our training on Rent to Rent. 

Other traning courses (such as the recent HMO Day recordings) are only available to Landlord Law members.

Landlord Law eBooks

We only have three eBooks available at the moment and one of them is available. free of charge if you sign up to our Weekly Bulletin.

Free Content

The Shop page also lists free content for all types of product so its well worth taking a look!

Visit the shop via the button below:

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